Clinton batters/blasts Bernie Sanders

 When a Rhodes Scholars speaks, we should pay attention.

Bill Clinton Georgetown University 1968 American politician, 42nd President of the United States, 1993–2001,

Governor of Arkansas, 1979–1981 & 1983–1993

Bill Clinton batters and blasts Bernie Sanders

Campaigning for Hillary,

he labels Sanders

“the champion of all things small and the enemy of all things big.”

By Annie Karni


After explaining how Sanders has wiggled around on the details of his single-payer plan he said:

“Is it good for America,

I don’t think so.

Is it good for New Hampshire?

I don’t think so.

The New Hampshire I knew would not have voted for me

if I had done that.”

Clinton accused Sanders of hypocrisy for portraying his wife as beholden to Wall Street because of campaign donations

and speaking fees she has accepted from firms like Goldman Sachs.

He said he “frankly, fell out of my chair” after reading a CNN report

that Sanders has been a prolific Democratic fundraiser,

raising cash from the financial sector at retreats in Palm Beach and Martha’s Vineyard.

“Anybody who takes money from Goldman Sachs couldn’t possibly be President,”

Clinton said.

“He may have to tweak that answer a little bit, or we may have to get a write-in candidate.”

And he brought up Sanders’ 2000 vote in favor of the commodities futures modernization act

a bill Clinton signed into law.

“He voted for that bill,”

he said,

”but you will never hear her say he is a tool of Wall Street because of it, because they made a mistake.”

Clinton didn’t stop there.

He launched into a discussion of the ugly

“Bernie Bro” phenomenon that the Sanders campaign has denounced

backers who harass female Clinton supporters online and accuse them of

“voting with their vagina”

and call them “bitches.”

Clinton called them

“vicious trolling and attacks that are literally too profane … not to mention sexist.”

For months, Bill Clinton’s staff has maintained that he is not obsessed with politics this year and that his main attention is still on the work he does with his Foundation.

But his speech on Sunday did away with any notion that he’s not fully involved in every detail of his wife’s campaign.

He railed against how Sanders handled the data breach last December,

when his operatives were able to access the Clinton campaign’s voter file because of a breach in the Democratic National Committee’s database

and seemed to know every intricate turn of the somewhat esoteric data scandal.

Bill Clinton Launches Attack on Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire

by Alastair Jamieson and Chris Godburn

Feb 8 2016, 6:24 am ET

Bill Clinton launched a sustained attack on Bernie Sanders at a New Hampshire campaign rally Sunday,

tearing into the senator’s rhetoric against Hillary Clinton and picking apart his spending plans.

The former president appeared angry as he poured scorn on his wife’s opponent,

portraying the Sanders campaign as dishonest and his healthcare proposals as unrealistic.

Bill Clinton said Sanders’ message was


from reality and ridiculed its implication that

“anybody that doesn’t agree… is a tool of the establishment.'”

The remarks late Sunday in New Hampshire marked a significant escalation in the language Bill Clinton has used on the campaign trail

and came as polls suggest Sanders could be headed for a clear victory in the state’s upcoming primary.

Bill Clinton appeared visibly frustrated at criticism over his wife’s ties to Wall Street

as he spoke to a crowd of about 300 at a middle school in Milford, New Hampshire.

“She’s getting it from the right, she’s getting it from the left,” he said.

“If she were really so weak on Wall Street, would there really be two hedge fund managers setting up two super PACs and spending millions of dollars to attack her?

No, they’d be attacking her opponent.

“But they’re not, they’re attacking her.

Because they know that she’s got a stronger plan

and they know that when she says she’s going to do something,

she’s going to do it,” Bill Clinton told the crowd.

He also called Sanders’ healthcare plan unnecessary,

saying that even progressive experts agree

the costs “don’t add up.”

“You can’t offer a healthcare program [if] you don’t know what it costs,”

Bill Clinton said.

“And we don’t need to do it … just implement the law we’ve got, fix the payment systems and get the drug prices down.”

The former president also hit out at the Sanders campaign for

“looting information from our computers”

likening the episode to stealing a car with the keys in the ignition

and sent a message to young voters,

who polls have suggested currently favor Sanders over Hillary Clinton by as much as two to one.

“Free college for everyone sounds better than what I said


we can’t afford everything,”

Bill Clinton told the audience.

He set out his wife’s record of achievements, contrasting them with the rhetoric of the Sanders campaign.

“It makes you feel good to condemn but it makes more difference if you make something happen,”

he said.

In closing, Bill Clinton echoed a refrain his wife has been using while campaigning.

“All that matters is whether people are better off when you quit than when you started,”

he said.

“We’re going to turn anger into answers,

transform resentment into empowerment.”


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