Officer accused of threatening woman

Police officer not charged with threatening woman and children

or anything else.

What is “Probable Cause?”

Probable Cause reasonable grounds (for making a search, pressing a charge, etc.).

Former Lady Lake officer accused of threatening woman and children

Updated: Feb 9, 2016 – 5:56 PM



A former Lady Lake police officer who quit before he was fired for sexual misconduct while on the job is accused of threatening a woman and her children.

Kevin Thompson has been accused of inappropriate relationships in the past and investigators questioned him about filing fake reports during an official interview.

According to the police report, Thompson made up a fake criminal report so that he’d have to go to an area where a Melissa Collins worked, who Thompson is accused of cheating on his wife with.

Detectives said Thompson lied at least four times about how he exposed himself in his patrol car.

Collins admitted she was planning on using the illicit photo of Thompson pleasuring himself with her underwear to drive a wedge between him and his wife.

“I said ‘I don’t have to tell her anything. I’ll just show her.’ And from there it just went south real fast,” Collins said.

Collins said Thompson threatened her and her children with texts that said he would bury someone in their backyard. Those threats were the trigger for a criminal investigation, officials said.

“I would like to see him away from me. I would like not to see him again. I don’t care about his job,” Collins said.

Lake County placed an extra deputy on patrol by Collins’ house.

Officials said Thompson would have been fired had he not resigned.

The State Attorney’s Office decided not to prosecute Thompson. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement said his license is still valid. Thompson could take a job at another agency at any time.

Lady Lake Police Officer Kevin Thomson “Sex in Uniform” on Crags’ list



UPDATE: Lady Lake Police Chief Chris McKinstry spoke with Channel 9 Eyewitness News Saturday morning

and said the Craigslist ad that led to Officer Thompson’s alleged sexual misconduct was originally posted by the woman described below, and not by Officer Thompson himself.

9 Investigates discovered a Lady Lake police officer resigned before he could get fired for sexual misconduct inside his patrol car.

Former officer Kevin Thompson was under investigation for sexual misconduct involving his uniform and his patrol car.

The findings of the investigation included allegations that Thompson ran a Craigslist ad promising women sex with a uniformed officer in his squad car.

Officials said it isn’t clear how many women took advantage of the offer, but that at least one did.

Investigators said the woman took pictures of Thompson exposing himself while in uniform. They said she then tried to get him to leave his wife.

When Thompson wouldn’t, the woman took her evidence to police and ended his career with the Lady Lake police, investigators said.

Channel 9 discovered the State Attorney’s Office has been exploring an aggravated assault charge against Thompson, but released a statement saying, “The Lake County Sheriff’s Office did not find probable cause that the suspect committed any crime” and “the state cannot go forward with prosecution of this matter.”

The woman who took the photo reportedly asked for the charges to be dropped.

Thompson could not be reached for comment.


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