Should your tax dollars be paying for Charter Schools?

 Please accept  my apology on this one?

Why I hate the powers to be in Florida.

You see, there is so much giraffe and greed showing up on this posting, that I think that you should read the post,

before you go back to read the links, and still you might not believe your eyes!

Before we answer this question, let’s do a little more digging, into Charter Schools?

A resent A P annalist shows that 70 million dollars was already spent on Charter Schools that later closed!

Florida already set aside 90 million dollars for Charter Schools.

Now the state of Florida is demanding another 63 million dollars!

A much larger question would be, as reported many times in the past.

Who are the stockholders of our Florida Charter Schools?

I will give you a little hint!

Governor Rich Scott is a huge supporter of Charter Schools.


Despite Problems Charter Schools Could Get More State Money

School districts across the state could be forced to share local property taxes with charter schools under a bill now moving in the Florida House.

Some legislators are pushing to give more money to charter schools, even though a recent analysis by the Associated Press found that as much as $70 million wound up going to charter schools that closed. Charter schools are public schools run by private groups.

The House this week released a proposal that would require school districts to help charter schools pay for expenses, such as construction costs and rent payments. A House panel approved the bill on Tuesday.

The House will vote this week on proposed budgets that include $90 million for charter schools. If the separate bill becomes law, then districts would be required to share an additional $63 million.

School superintendents say the measure could force them to scrap school repairs.

Published at 9:03 PM EST on Feb 9, 2016



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