Women say problems with Habitat for Humanity

Osceola County women say problems with Habitat for Humanity homes

Why is Habitat Needed

A core issue for global poverty:

The state of the world’s housing

Thank-you President Jimmy Carter, all of our ‘Habit of Humanity’ workers, and companies, donating and building all of those homes “For Free!”


We had a young mother with a baby that just showed up in central Florida and living in her car without

“Free Food Stamps, Medicare, Medicaid or Money.”

“I will bet that she would love to change places with any of those people now complaining to our media?”

There are thousands of veterans, both men and women, in Florida alone

that were fighting in wars, so that their American citizens can live “free.”

And now living in “Makeshift Tents” out in the winter elements, with next to nothing to keep them warm and their bellies full!

There are also thousands of elders living in homes, one paycheck away from foreclosure

while cutting corners with food and medication,

to pay expensive mortgages, trying to not be put out in the street.

The article on our TV this morning

is a discussing

“What the heck is the use slap in their face!”

If we are going to be catering to this young person’s every whim,

shouldn’t we at the very least, give our homeless veterans the same chances as we gave her?

I will bet that not one of them will run to the media looking for more “freebees.”

Osceola County women say problems with Habitat for Humanity homes have been ongoing

Updated: Feb 10, 2016 – 6:55 PM


Watch this Video and see?

An Osceola County woman said she worked with Habitat for Humanity to get into a newly renovated home, but what she moved into was a house full of problems.

She said the home has a broken faucet, broken cabinets and plenty of unfinished work.

Niketa Wilkerson sent a laundry list of complaints to the county’s Habitat for Humanity leadership.

She said she was promised repairs, but was later told the organization didn’t have the funds to fulfill the promise.

Joann Miller had a similar problem with her new home.

She said cracks in the tile are spreading.

The ADA-compliant driveway for her special-needs daughter is not complete and her garbage disposal has no switch.

Miller was also told funds weren’t available for the fixes.

Habitat for Humanity said it’s done everything it could to make the homes livable.

Officials said in regard to the renovated property, funds for the project were not associated with any corporate donation.

Full Statement from Habitat for Humanity: “Habitat for Humanity Osceola is aware of the recent complaint made by two of our homeowners and we are currently working with them to address their concerns. Out of respect for our homeowners’ privacy we will not be able to share details but can give you an overall view of the process.

The process for a Habitat for Humanity Osceola home is much like other home purchases. There is a walk through with the new homeowner and if items are identified that need to be addressed a list is compiled and those items are addressed.

Prior to homeowners moving into a newly constructed home, a certificate of occupancy must be obtained from the state which is received on final inspection with no violations found which include building codes, life safety and applicable laws. Habitat for Humanity Osceola makes every effort to work with homeowners and provide a decent and affordable home.

Habitat Osceola has been serving the people of Osceola County since 1996 and has built, repaired and rehabbed 19 homes in partnership with low-income families in the area with an additional 5 homes are planned for 2016.”



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