Jeb Bush bought “America!”

Jeb Bush is running to be our next president.

To show the NRA, one of the backers of the Bush Family,


that he agreed with the NRA, bought a gun.

Governor Rick Scott gave some choice Florida land to the Colt Manufacturing Company a couple of years ago.

And did so for next to nothing,

then Florida built a building for making and selling Colt weapons.


The Florida Taxpayers paid the trip to get the Colt Company to relocate to Florida paid whatever Colt wanted to move to Florida.

The Colt Manufacturing Company backed out of the deal after the building was finished, leaving the taxpayers holding the bag, bills and building.


Jeb Bush, an ex-governor of Florida, stating that he loves Florida, just bought a Colt 45 pistol.

If you were a citizen of Florida, would you buy anything from the Colt Company?

I think not, not if I had any pride in my state.

If I did buy a weapon from this company, I sure in heck would not tweet pictures of the thing, slapping Florida’s in the face!

GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush tweets picture of a gun with his name on it, captioning it ‘America’

BY Stephen Rex Brown /


February 17, 2016


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