The Polluted Political Trail to Sierra Blanca

The Polluted Political Trail to Sierra Blanca

Sanders Family: Quid Pro Quo and the GOP Machine

By J. Eller @SDzzz  SandersGuide 2016 YouTube

The Polluted Political Trail to Sierra Blanca

Bernie Sanders is a 2016 presidential candidate claiming a strong anti-corporate, pro-environmental record.

This research began as a simple search to verify that claim.

As the search progressed, the man behind the curtain revealed himself in a story of environmental racism, political partnerships with major GOP operatives and a Texas tycoon, a famous lead polluter known as the King of Superfund Sites costing US taxpayers $4.4 billion.

This research touches on the history of Sierra Blanca, TX since it was the victim of an insider plot to make millions, possibly billions by dumping nuclear waste on a Latino community, 2.6 times below the state poverty level.

Bernie Sanders and his wife, Jane O’Meara Sanders are part of a twisting story that crisscrosses from a GOP mega-donor, to foreign policy with Mexico culminating with a former Goldman Sachs superstar.

As you read this, keep Sanders’ campaign focal points in mind;

wealth, corporations, corporate welfare, tax breaks, banks, investors, Goldman Sachs, Citizens United.

You’ll see it’s all here in a spider’s web of greed holding the hypocrisy together.

Is it just too “complicated”

for citizens to understand,

as Sanders says?

I don’t think so, we’re a pretty clever lot down here on the ground.


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