Florida Tropical Paradise

Pet dinner at the pond?

We live in central Florida.

Florida is a Tropical Peninsula close to the Equator, hot and rainy.

Florida is and has been a home to tropical plants, birds, animals and reptiles millions of years before humans.

This Lakefront subdivision means that in Florida it is next to a home of Alligators among many other things.

This lake has a sign


“No Swimming Dangerous Wildlife!”


This human sent his pet out to the alligators ‘dinner table’ to pee!

The Alligator said,


“Thank-you for Brunch!”

So, how does the Fish and wildlife

(the protectors of our wildlife),

protect our wildlife?

Trap and kill all alligators in the lake!

A trapper is searching for an alligator that killed a family’s dog in a central Florida subdivision.

The Daytona Beach News-Journal

Reports the large bulldog went missing last Thursday from his lakefront home in the Sky-lake subdivision near Port Orange.

The dog’s body was retrieved from the lake on Monday.

Alligator trapper Curtis Lucas estimates the alligator is 8 to 9 feet.

It had not taken the bait set by Lucas as of late Tuesday.

Lucas was sent to the area after residents made a request on Monday with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to have a trapper catch the gator.

Trapper searches for gator that killed dog in Port Orange He says state law requires nuisance gators over 4 feet to be trapped and killed. Smaller gators are relocated.

Associated Press



Florida’s, State Workers Healthcare Coverage


Florida Government Officials, the rich members, pay $8

member, $30 for families.

Governor, state senators, state house of representatives, mayors, attorney generals, all of the council members, and their close friends in Florida!

You know the people, the ones that have been taking from the poor and what is left of the Middle-Class, for years!

Average Employees, the poor working people, pay $50 employee

and $180 to cover their family.

Every Month!


Bring state employee health insurance costs in line with the U.S. average

“Bring our health insurance costs and mandates in line with the U.S. average.”

Scott has proposed that all state workers pay the same amount for health care coverage: $50 for individual coverage or $180 for family coverage. But there remain 22,700 employees including certain managers and the governor who get a much better deal: $8.34 for individual coverage or $30 for family coverage. That’s because the Legislature has not agreed to increases for them


Senator seeks overhaul of health insurance for state workers

The News Service of Florida

Published: Thursday, January 7, 2016 at 10:03 a.m.

Last Modified: Thursday, January 7, 2016 at 10:03 a.m.

A Senate Republican has filed a proposal aimed at overhauling the health-insurance program for state employees.

The proposal (SB 1434), filed by Sen. Jeff Brandes, R-St. Petersburg, is similar to measures pushed in the past by House leaders, who have long sought changes in the insurance program.

In part, the bill would lead to the state in 2019 offering plans with four different benefit levels to employees. Also starting that year, employees would be given an incentive to choose plans that have lower premium costs than the money contributed by the state for coverage.

In such cases, employees would be able to use the leftover amounts to increase their salaries or for other health-related purposes, such as buying additional benefits.

Among other things, the bill also would adjust employee-contribution rates next year. The change would give employees a choice of paying more for richer HMO coverage or paying less for lower-value PPO coverage. The bill is filed for the 2016 legislative session, which starts Tuesday.


Florida is a Republican State– Period!

Ads do not tell the truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth!

Florida by registration is a Democratic state.

Even though Florida is a majority Democratic state,

Florida has not just a GOP Majority but also a Super-Majority GOP legislature.

It shows you just how heavily, gerrymandered the districts are in Florida!

Therefore, Marco Rubio, a republican, beat an old used up Republican Governor (Charlie Chris), quickly dumped by the Republican Party, because he tried to pass bills through the Republican Congress that would have been a benefit to all Floridians.

He, Charlie Chris, became an Independent to run again, as governor, and lost to,



Charlie Chris then changed into a democrat to run for a senate seat and thanks to Gerrymandered, this unknown republican

(no show at voting time)



Conservative Solutions PAC TV Spot,

‘Marco Rubio: Serious’ – iSpot.tv1000 x 562 · jpegispot.tv

Marco Rubio became one of our senators from Florida!





Florida Senator Marco Rubio for president?


In the process of setting electoral districts,


Gerrymandering is a practice that attempts to establish a political advantage for a particular party or group

by manipulating district boundaries to create partisan-advantaged districts.

The resulting district apportionment is known as a gerrymander.

However, that word can also refer to the process.

When used to allege that a given party is gaining disproportionate power, the term gerrymandering has negative connotations.

In addition to its use, achieving desired electoral results for a particular party,

Gerrymandering may be used to help or hinder a particular demographic,

such as a political, ethnic, racial, linguistic, religious,

or class group, such as in U.S. federal voting district boundaries that produce a majority of constituents representative of African-American or other racial minorities,

known as “majority-minority districts“.

Marco Rubio is one of the senators from Florida because of “Gerrymandering!”

The other is Senator William (Bill) Nelson, a hard worker, working for Floridians proven senator.

Marco Rubio is a hard worker for himself!

When was the last time, or should I say, first time, you heard anything about the damage to Floridians because of Airbags, or the two infections attacking Floridians more than any other state, or about our homeless, or our Veterans living out on the streets.

The list goes on and on and on, isn’t this the job of both of our senators and the rest of our Florida congress for that matter?


Marco Rubio was a Florida House of Representative because of


Marco Rubio leached off of Governor Jeb Bush while claiming to be his friend, then stabbed him in the back, just as he has been doing all along to the Florida Women!

Goofy, Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse have more foreign relations experience than Marco Rubio; in fact, each one would make a better president!