Florida Tropical Paradise

Pet dinner at the pond?

We live in central Florida.

Florida is a Tropical Peninsula close to the Equator, hot and rainy.

Florida is and has been a home to tropical plants, birds, animals and reptiles millions of years before humans.

This Lakefront subdivision means that in Florida it is next to a home of Alligators among many other things.

This lake has a sign


“No Swimming Dangerous Wildlife!”


This human sent his pet out to the alligators ‘dinner table’ to pee!

The Alligator said,


“Thank-you for Brunch!”

So, how does the Fish and wildlife

(the protectors of our wildlife),

protect our wildlife?

Trap and kill all alligators in the lake!

A trapper is searching for an alligator that killed a family’s dog in a central Florida subdivision.

The Daytona Beach News-Journal

Reports the large bulldog went missing last Thursday from his lakefront home in the Sky-lake subdivision near Port Orange.

The dog’s body was retrieved from the lake on Monday.

Alligator trapper Curtis Lucas estimates the alligator is 8 to 9 feet.

It had not taken the bait set by Lucas as of late Tuesday.

Lucas was sent to the area after residents made a request on Monday with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to have a trapper catch the gator.

Trapper searches for gator that killed dog in Port Orange He says state law requires nuisance gators over 4 feet to be trapped and killed. Smaller gators are relocated.

Associated Press



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