State tells critic of Children’s Medical Services to pay rent

 If you get in Florida Governor Rick Scotts

(Dirty playing)


or in any way disagree,

he will mow you down!

State tells physician to pay rent for treating impoverished kids once a week at health dept

Physician, pay for thyself.

That’s the edict that has been given to a well-known pediatrician


who also happens to be a sharp critic of the administration of Gov. Rick Scott.

Dr. Louis St. Petery,

who has complained about the reduction of clients served in the Children’s Medical Services program and made the reduction an issue in the confirmation fight for Scott’s health secretary,

has been put on notice he will have to start paying rent to the state if he wants to continue to see children at a clinic in Tallahassee.

St. Petery initially thought a rental agreement sent to him by the chief operating officer for the Department of Health on March 31


an early April Fool’s Day joke.

But it wasn’t.

the DOH’s Jennifer Tschetter sent him a contract asking him to pay $1,397 in rent annually

if he were going to continue see children out of the state-owned CMS clinic in Tallahassee.

It’s the same place St. Petery has been treating medically complex children with heart disease for last 40 years.

Tschetter sent the email to St. Petery at 5:38 p.m. on March 31

with the proposed contract that asked that the payment be made at once and up front.

“We truly appreciate the work you do for children in our building,

but we do have a need to document who has permission to use the space and also ensure that each licensee is paying their fair share of the costs to keep the building operational,”

Tschetter wrote in an email to St. Petery.

She told St. Petery

if he had any comments he should share them with her before the close of business Friday because it was her last day at the Department of Health.


who had locked horns with St. Petery over the whittling down in the number of medically complex children who were enrolled in the Medicaid program

and the transformation of the program from a network of physicians into a managed care plan, left the department to return practicing law at a private firm.

St. Petery sent an email to Tschetter early the morning on April 1

with several questions:

Will all health care providers in the local CMS clinic likewise be required to sign license agreements

and pay rent?

Is it true for the entire state?

St. Petery also wanted to know

what “role” the nurses who work out of the CMS offices —called care coordinators —

will have and what would happen to the children with already scheduled appointments

if he did not sign the contract.

The Department of Health had not responded to St. Petery’s questions

as the close of business Monday

and he still has not signed the contract.

St. Petery is reimbursed when he treats patients at the state clinic,

but so far he is the first individual doctor to be asked to start paying rent.


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