Florida wildlife officials “Salivating over another hunt


Was this S.J’s (Smoky Junior’s) Father?

And was he, a Ocala Neighbor of ours?

One of the innocent bears killed in the illegal hunt?

Florida wildlife officials (Scott’s Brainless Goons) “Salivating over another hunt!”

Florida wildlife officials, after reporting a rise in the bear population,

are looking into another bear hunt this year, according to News Service of Florida.

What rise?

And how fast can the bears that are left reproduce?

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Chairman Brian Yablonski

on Wednesday asked his staff to be ready in June

to discuss how such a hunt would be managed.

“There is a process of how the hunt is set up, what the quota objectives are,”

Yablonski said

during a commission meeting at the Wyndham Grand Jupiter at Harbourside Place in Jupiter.

“There’s a ton of options out there.”

What Quota?

How does one set a quota with no way of knowing the correct number

or how many bears are in each county?

FWC sets sights on another bear hunt

April 13, 2016


On March 24, the commission increased the estimate of the number of bears

in the state to 4,350 adults,

based on survey results taken before the 2015 hunt.

What Survey?

Who took this survey and when was it takes?

The quota was based on an estimated 3,000-plus bears, being in the state.

How can anyone set a quota on “Killing our Black Bears”

From an estimate?

Who is responsible for such an estimate?

Did anyone care to “Estimate our neighbors in the Ocala Area?

What survey and who did this mysterious survey


The commission last year set a collective

“harvest objective”

of 320 bears that could be killed in four parts of the state opened for the hunt.

320 bears by 5,000 hunters, sounds fair to me, how about you?

The areas were the eastern Panhandle region, which includes the northwestern Big Bend area to west of Apalachicola Bay;

the South region, which includes Broward, Collier, Hendry, Lee, Miami-Dade, Monroe,

and Palm Beach counties, the North region, which goes from Jacksonville west to Hamilton and Suwannee counties,

and the Central region, which includes the St. Johns River watershed to the Ocala National Forest.

Why the Ocala Area?

We in this area love our neighbor

and know to leave them alone so that they will

continue to be good neighbors.


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