Commissioner Regina Hill Orlando District 5 wants to know


We must dump the NRA and the Do Nothing Congress!

Parents must help our counties, towns, cities and states, to

‘Stop the Gun Violence,’


Stop blaming others!

It is one thing to stand up on your

“Milk Crates”


and blame the world,

as long as we remember that,

“We are all members of the World!”




Now this posting.


Commissioner Regina Hill Orlando District 5 wants to know,

“Do black lives matter to black lives?”

Second victim of Parramore drive-by shooting dies

Apr 23, 2016

Tanya Monique Skeen, a 46-year-old mother of three,

was putting away groceries in her apartment

on Conley Street when she was shot,

police said.

Police said

Gino Nicolas, 24, who died the night of the shooting, and Skeen

“were both truly innocent victims.”

Nicolas grew up in Parramore and mentored many kids in the neighborhood

through his job with the city of

Orlando is My Brother’s Keeper program.

We cannot afford any more waste of a life-like this Hero,

“Gino Nicolas!”

Four other people injured in the shooting are expected to survive.

They have been identified as

Cordarius Williams, 24,

Daquan Lundy, 23,

Ricky Harrison Jr., 23,


Wendell Edwards Jr., 22.

Do Black Lives Really Matter To Black Leadership?

Coach Dave Daubenmire January 20, 2015

Although this person is a nut case that would put Donald Trump to shame

With some of his stupid words to Trumps stupid words!

It is true that we,

All American, Life matters!

And if we do not all unite to

dump the dead wood from congress,

both state and federal;

we will never save our children!

Let us not forget to ‘Dump the NRA’!

Some older words from Coach, hard as they are.

Someone needs to expose the frauds.

Blacks, like all Americans, are accountable

for the condition, they find themselves in, just like all Americans.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964

signed on Independence Day weekend,

outlawed racial discrimination in America.

Not my words however,

I have been wondering.

If Black lives matter to black lives,

take the responsibility of a parent and take the guns from our children

and the proven mentally hand capped.

And take the drugs and booze away from our children.

However, more important that any of the above!

(In November)

Please forget the politics and

‘Vote Out’

all of the known


in congress,

both your state and your country!

And let’s not forget your crooked Governors?

Governor of Michigan

and Governor of Florida

just to start with two in our country.


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