What’s the difference between

Governor Jerry Brown


Governor Rick Scott

California’s loves Governor Jerry Brown!


California’s Governor Jerry Brown!

“If you’re truly serious about Florida’s economic well-being,

it’s time to stop the silly political stunts

and start doing something about climate change.

Two words you won’t even let state officials say,”

Brown wrote in a letter to Scott.

By 2030 in Florida,

“up to $69 billion in coastal property

will likely be at risk of inundation at high tide

that is not at risk today.”


Florida’s ‘Republican Governor Rick Scott,

just spent six thousand ($6,000) taxpayer dollars,

over in California on ads,

to try to get California Companies

to move over to Florida.


How did we the Florida Taxpayers make out

from his

and his entourage weeklong trip?


Same as every state in the country that, ‘Florida’s Republican Governor Rick Scott,’

had a visit to, with the same results,

un-less we count the

Colt 45 debacle (debauchery),

that once again cost the Florida Taxpayers thousands of dollars

and Colt 45 canceled the make shift(debauchery)!


By the way, how much did we,

the taxpayers of Florida,

pay for our,

(Debacle) debauchery from our

Florida’s ‘Republican Governor Rick Scott?


his entourage on their stay in California?

No one will ever know!

Rick Scott gets dragged by California Gov. Jerry Brown at Beverly Hills conference

Posted By

Jim Turner, the News Service of Florida

on Mon, May 2, 2016


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