Beach driving can’t be up to Volusia voters

Appeals court says beach driving can’t be up to Volusia County voters


Daytona Beach driving has been around for the public since 1902

Money talks in Florida, if you have a lot of it!

Florida the most crooked state in the country

if not the world,

just out did themselves.

Volusia County residents can no longer drive on their own beach,

because two outsiders want the beach for themselves.

Fifth district of appeals upheld a lower court decision to eliminate driving on the Daytona Beach in front of two hotels.

Both hotels make and spend a lot of money in Florida.



The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino isn’t even built.




The Westin was the Dessert Inn and is being re built.


and yet they both got their way, Again!

Like I said, (Money)!

May 10, 2016

Vanessa Echols


Voters will not get to decide the future of beach driving in Volusia County after a ruling by an appeals court Tuesday.

The court said the proposal to put beach driving issues on the ballot is unconstitutional, which could mean beachgoers will not be able to drive on some parts of the beach.

Eventually, the county wants to eliminate beach driving in front of two future beachfront properties, the Westin and the Hard Rock Hotel, however the Hard Rock project has been put on hold.

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In Tuesday’s ruling, the Fifth District Court of Appeals agreed with a judge that voters should not be able to vote on whether they would like to ban beach driving.

Greg Gimbert filed the lawsuit on behalf of Let Volusia Vote, a political committee in Volusia County.

“The fact is, they passed laws to prevent us from voting on issues,” he said.

But beach driving has become a big issue in Daytona Beach, where multimillion-dollar deals with the county to bring future development is driving the issue, such as a Hard Rock Hotel, which is currently on hold.

The other is to convert the old Desert Inn into a four-star Westin resort.

One-and-a-half miles would be blocked off to beach traffic for those projects.

“It’s clear they don’t want the public on what they feel is their beach, and we want voters to make that ultimate decision instead of politicians,” said Gimbert.

Volusia County Council Member Josh Wagner said in a text message, “Hopefully we can move forward as a community and work towards a better Daytona Beach and Volusia County.”

Tourists had mixed reactions on the issue.

“It’s something we don’t have at home, so for us we find it fascinating,” said Robert Whitton, who is on vacation from Canada.

“I think they should ban it completely. I think it takes away the whole beach life society,” said resident Ross Paterson.

Another group, Sons of the Beach, recently lost its fight in court to keep beach driving, however, the judge ruled that the hotel developers must replace the parking being taken away.


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