Hydrogen Sulfide Chemical


Orange County deploys gas sensors for stinky landfill

Tell big-government politicians:

Stop wasting our hard-earned tax dollars!

Yes, I am writing about this “Stupidity” once again.

Florida Government Officials at their best!

Wasting your hard-earned taxes!

Hydrogen Sulfide Chemical Information Sheet



By: Mike Synan

May 10 2016




Orange County is spending $117,000 to install sensors at its landfill

on the east side, as a result of residents’ complaints about the smell that is wafting miles away.

Solid Waste Manager Jim Becker

says the new sensors will test the levels of hydrogen sulfide in the air. Hydrogen sulfide — that odor that smells like rotten eggs — it comes from a number of areas

That stench has been coming from the landfill for months.

The money will cover five total sensors according to Becker.

“We’ll have four of them that are posted north, east, west,

and south on the property to show when that gas is leaving the property,

and then we are going to put another one that is up Young Pine Road.”

Currently, Becker said the amount of hydrogen sulfide is only being measured once a week, usually on Fridays at 1 and 5 in the morning.

“What we’ll have now is a running level that will tell us 24/7 what the level of hydrogen sulfide gas is leaving the landfill, and that will tell us where we need to focus more of our attention on controlling those odors better.”

The original source of the odor is the mixing of construction waste with household garbage, according to Becker — specifically, when gypsum boards used in home building gets wet and mixes with regular trash. Long term, Becker says the smell will be gone.  “We are covering that and we are going to put in lateral wells to collect that gas as we move along.”

Orange County Commissioner Jennifer Thompson is happy to have the sensors, even though they can not stop the odor. She wants more action though.  “I’m satisfied that things are being done, I just wish it were happening a little bit quicker as somebody who is out there every day and smells the smell, depending on which way the wind is blowing.”

Thompson hopes the County will have resolved the smell problems in the next 60 days.

Smell of problematic landfill to get worse for Orange County residents

Updated: May 11, 2016 – 9:27 PM



East Orange County residents living near a problematic landfill will have to deal with the smell longer than expected, and the stench may get even worse.

Residents have been complaining about the odor for months.

The state wants the county to monitor the odor more often and said the current tests are not enough to check if people are safe.

Schuyler Boulware knows all too well how smelly the landfill can get, because she had to deal with it on a regular basis.

“There have been some mornings where it’s unbearable,”

Boulware said.

Last week, the county utilities department sent out a news release, stating the smell is going to get worse until the end of the month.

The county said it’s installing gas wells to control the awful odor, but the smell will get stronger as crews build the wells.

“Sometimes it penetrates inside the house and you go, ‘Oh well, it’s a bad smelling day,’”

said Boulware.

The Florida Department of Health wants the county to monitor the odor every day instead of once a week, at several locations within a 3-mile radius of the landfill.

The state believes the way the county is currently testing the levels of the hydrogen sulfide odor is inadequate to access the public health threat.

The state said it stepped in after a resident complained of a scratchy throat and headache when the odor was bad.

The county recently purchased equipment for an uptick in monitoring at the landfill.

A spokesperson for Solid Waste sent out a news release, saying the department’s manager will evaluate the

“monitoring location and times outlines by the state letter.”


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