Females have little to no rights in Florida

Females of all ages have little to no rights in Florida

This is just one of thousands of how females are treated daily in this state, with little if any help from our government officials.

Lawsuit against Palm Coast’s Golden Corral Alleges

Sexual Harassment of 17-Year-Old Girl

June 2, 2016



A local resident has filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Golden Corral, the popular Palm Coast restaurant on Cypress Edge Drive, alleging that two employees there inappropriately and repeatedly touched her and suffered no consequences, forcing her to quit “because the work environment became intolerable.”

The plaintiff, now 18, began working at Golden Corral as a line attendant in March 2015, when she was 17.

She claims Carlos Lnu, a fellow-employee then at that restaurant, “inappropriately touched the younger females at the waist, hips and on the butt, including [the complainant], who was touched by [Lnu] at least five times but less than 15 times.”

Lnu was transferred to a restaurant in Georgia.

Cesar Reyes, who was part of the kitchen staff at the restaurant and was the manager’s brother, “began intentionally touching” the girl, according to the suit.

Reyes, the suit states, “has a history of inappropriate comments and touching the female staff.

This behavior was so prominent and well known that the other females would say ‘We know how Cesar acts’ and ‘Cesar is at it again.’”


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