A black bear scratches his back on a cypress tree in the Everglades in 2009.

Photo courtesy of Ron Begreron Sun-Sentinel


As far away from the voters of Florida as they could get and still be in Florida!

Congratulation to my followers!


The people around the world

that signed the petition

against a bear hunt in Florida!

It would seem that we got to them,

“Before the Checks where in the Mail!”

Please help keep an eye of this group of

(((Wildlife Protector)))!

and help

“Follow the Money!”

Because Nick Wiley changes his mind quicker than a

“Merry go Round!”

Good news bears!

No hunting for you in Florida this year

June 22, 2016 9:18 PM

The change in attitude was made more remarkable by the venue for Wednesday’s all-day meeting,

the tiny Panhandle town of Eastpoint.

Where two of Florida’s five bear attacks on humans have occurred.

Commission executive director Nick Wiley said

that was just a coincidence.

(RIGHT Nick Wiley,


Coincidence a remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent causal connection:

Just like the report at Disney World

where 234 alligators have been sighted

and you knew nothing about it?

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission

voted 4-3 against a hunt.


Last October’s hunt, scheduled for a week with a goal of 321 bears,

ended after just 2 days because 304 bears had been killed!

Further study of issues related

to the bear population have been requested,

and a hunt in 2017 remains a possibility


One thought on “NO FLORIDA BEAR HUNT (this year)!

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