Orlando man punching a swan


 Breanna and her two pets were down to


(Swan City Sunday).

Donna and Walkingfox

If you remember,


are reading our posting about Orlando.

(Peace, Love, Pulse. )

They’re Killing Us. Help Us Stop Them


This past weekend, Breanna, our Airedale,


got a little too close to a Black Swan

and it, the swan, let her know

just as one did to this jerk(Sor Velez).

Just because he is homeless

is no reason to punch an innocent animal in the face!

Both Swans were just letting us know that we were getting too close.

Un like Sor Velez, I apologized from the bottom of my heart and Breanna learned not to be so nosy.

A homeless Orlando man was arrested, for punching a swan


Posted By Colin Wolf on Mon, Jun 27, 2016

So, tonight my wife and I took our son down to Lake Eola to look at all the

Pulse Lounge Massacre Memorials.

We were with our brother-in-law Forrest Price.

As we were walking, the Swan in this picture was guarding her babies.

A man walks by and this swan reaches out towards the man to protect her babies but does not touch him.

The man after about 8 feet of walking turns around comes back and punches the Swan.

Little does he know my brother-in-law and wife are Orlando police officers?

It was nice to be with them, chase this guy down, and have him arrested.

More importantly, the swan was not injured. I miss being a cop.


Man arrested after allegedly punching swan in head at Lake Eola

Monday, June 27, 2016



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