This is our Florida?

Why do I keep saying?

“This is Florida Don’t Ya Know?”

Well, besides a few



(born native Floridians),

saying this statement each time

I asked a Florida question.

The proof is in the postings!

There are two funds on going for the Orlando victims.

GoFundMe fundraiser

OneOrlando Fund Changes Course, Will Give Money to Victims

Lately we are only hearing about one?

Governor Scott has been in Orlando

so much since this tremendous tragedy ,

that he is growing roots!

You know that he and the rest of the politicians will find a way to get their

fingers into the “Cookie Jar!”


Who is running for No Show Rubio’s Senate seat?



(No Show Marco Rubio for one)!



Only to help keep republicans in power over we the Floridians,

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell

urged Rubio to seek reelection, noting that he had “ample time”

before the state’s June 24 filing deadline.

Notice it is not what is best for the country, only what is best for the Party!

(Carlos Beruff)!


Loud, lying, foul-mouth, shyster, businessman,

(Carlos Beruff)!

 Home-builder Carlos Beruff


(Endorsed by our Shyster Governor Scott)!


Beruff has a thirteen-year history of

bundling massive checks

to political candidates


Securing government appointments for himself.

Contrary to his claims that he’s

“sick of the status quo in Washington,”

he’s been the guy bankrolling that status quo.

Since 2001,

Beruff has given more than one million dollars in political contributions,

either directly, through his wife, or through his companies.

(Sources: CQ Political MoneyLine, The Miami Herald, and Florida Division of Elections.)

Beruff has dumped millions of his own money into the campaign to attempt to paint himself as an outsider,

but even though he may not have held elected office before,

he’s still the ultimate insider’s insider.

His campaign finance records tell the tale.

Beruff has been calling Crist a “con man” in interviews during this election,

but he had no problem writing that con man big checks for years.

Here’s a list (data pulled from Florida Division of Elections):

Unlike federal law,

Florida law

allows political contributions from companies,


Beruff has been able to bundle contributions from his many corporate entities

to get past the statutory contribution limits

(currently $3,000 per individual or corporate entity for most races; was previously $500).

Of course, the crucial issue is the recipients of those donations.

This is Florida don’t ya know

A distant 3rd is

Florida Rep. Patrick Murphy


Republican turned Democrat


The 4th is Bernie backer,

U.S. Congressman Alan Grayson


“Die Quickly!”

Each of the two would be a tremendous help to

Senator Bill Nelson, Florida and the country.


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