Glass/Saltwater Taffy/Ceilings


This is July 31st 2016 and Floridian Women

still do not have the protection from the ERA!


A Glass Ceiling in Florida

seems to be made of

Saltwater Taffy?


A few women in recordings since

1893 have touched it

however it just seems to

moves up higher.

Governor Jeb Bush, Governor Rick Scott and Senator Marco Rubio all had the chance, Rubio had the chance twice,

to bring the Women’s Rights Bill (ERA) to the floor for a vote


decided that it was not important enough yet,

Senator Marco Rubio even states this on a TV Station!

Before Hillary Clinton: Women in Florida politics

By Dinah Voyles Pulver,


Woman’s Suffrage locally and in Florida

1893 Florida Woman Suffrage Association organized

1912 – A group of women in Orlando attempt to register to vote on a sewerage bond election

1913 – A group of women in Lake Helen form the Political Equality Club

1916 – 16 affiliated suffragette leagues around the state, including in Lake Helen and Orange City

1918 – Suffrage movement makes gains in the annual legislative session with local bills making women eligible for municipal suffrage in DeLand, Daytona Beach and Orange City

– Statewide suffragette convention takes place in Daytona Beach

1919 – State Rep. Murray Sams of Volusia County said he was “unconditionally and unqualifiedly opposed to woman’s suffrage and everything that promotes it. He said it was “as impossible for women to be equals of men in determining questions involving suffrage as it was for them to be their equals physically.”

June 1920 – Federal woman suffrage amendment submitted to the states, but Florida Governor Sidney Johnson Catts refuses to call a special session

August 1920 – 19th Amendment declared part of the US Constitution, Florida officials say it invalidates existing state laws and allow women to vote in the general election

1928 – Mamie Eaton Green of Monticello elected to state Railroad Commission, the first woman elected to statewide office

1929 – Edna Giles Fuller of Orlando becomes first woman to serve in Florida Legislature, elected to House of Representatives

1962 – Beth Johnson is first woman elected to Florida State Senate

1969 – The state of Florida finally ratifies the 19th amendment

1972 – Paula Hawkins becomes first woman elected to statewide office, by winning seat on Public Service Commission

1980 – Hawkins becomes Florida’s first — and so far only — female U.S. Senator.

1986 – Betty Castor becomes first elected female Cabinet member after winning the race for Education Commissioner

2003 – Toni Jennings becomes Florida’s first female Lt. Governor

Source: “The Woman Suffrage Movement in Florida,” by A. Elizabeth Taylor in the July 1957 Florida Historical Quarterly; State Archives of Florida and Visit Florida.


Florida Lemon Laws (NONE)!


Watch WFTV Channel 9 Action news with Todd Ulrich at 5pm today for answers.


If you buy a used car and it is a Lemon you get your money back,

that is unless you are in Florida!


WFTV Channel 9

What happens if you buy a used car and it turns out to be a


WFTV Action 9’s Todd Ulrich found out why Florida drivers aren’t protected

and what you can do about it,

today on Eyewitness News at 5pm.

Jul 17, 2016


A Longwood man spent thousands on a used car that broke down 13 miles after he bought it.

Action 9 hears from consumers every week stung by lemons days after buying their vehicles.

Action 9’s Todd Ulrich will show you how this could not happen

in 19 other states that require used car lemon laws or warranties.

Find out why you’re not protected in Florida

and what used car buyers can do about it

by watching this story

Monday on Eyewitness News at 5 p.m.

Channel 9’s Todd Ulrich broken down cars

Action 9 hidden camera investigation exposes used car sales tactic

Updated: Oct 29, 2015 – 4:21 PM


An Action 9 investigation exposes how some

“Buy here pay here”

car dealers keep reselling the same vehicles that leave customers stranded and broke.

Dealers make big money putting cars they’ve repossessed

because the last buyer could not afford repairs and payments,

back on the lot

Action 9 tried to buy a 2002 SUV at AutoMax in Melbourne on hidden camera.

It’s the same Kia that same dealer sold to Laurie Wessel just four weeks earlier.

“In the end we ended up with no car and no money,”

Wessel said.

She said the SUV had a rough engine, bad brakes and a rear window that collapsed.

Her son pried off the door cover to see what the problem was.

“Inside was a rotten stick to prop the back window open,

” Wessel said.

She said she had to return it and lost a $700 deposit.

“I felt stupid,” she said.

Channel 9’s Todd Ulrich found that same SUV for sale at AutoMax

and a salesman told an Action 9 producer it cost $5,000

and it was in good shape.

“He told me the SUV only needed a new spark plug,”

the producer said.

While still undercover Action 9 got an inspection on the car before the purchase.

Repair expert Howard Fulton found what Action 9 suspected.

“Is this a potential nightmare for a buyer?”

asked Ulrich.

“Oh exactly it’s horrible,”

said Fulton.

The biggest issue was a failed water pump.

All the water drained out in an hour.

Fulton said

Action 9 would have trouble had it bought the car and driven away.

“It would never make it to Orlando.

It might not make it to Cocoa,”

Fulton said.

He found brake pads so worn, one fell off.

And he found that same stick propping up a busted window.

Fulton said critical problems were covered up.

It’s called


when a dealer recycles vehicles with mechanical nightmares.

“When it breaks down and you can’t make payments it’s repossessed and the dealer turns around and sells it again and again,”

said Rosemary Shahan with Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety.

Ulrich went to AutoMax in Melbourne for answers.

“Is there a manager here?”

asked Ulrich.

“No I’m just trying to buy a car,”

replied the man in the office,

who was the manager who handled the car deal with the producer who was working undercover.

“Was that car rigged just to put it on the road for 30 or 40 miles?

Was it safe to drive?”

asked Ulrich

as the manager walked away closing a door behind him.

Later AutoMax told Ulrich the SUV was not supposed to be sitting out front for sale, and someone made a mistake.


Automax response:

We at Automax would like to thank you for the opportunity to respond to your piece. During your September 25th 2015 visit to our establishment, the owner was not present due to the fact that it was his son’s 13th birthday. Unfortunately at this time, the 2002 vehicle with over 140,000 ( one hundred forty thousand) miles in which we spoke about on October 27th 2015, was mistakenly allowed to be taken for a test drive and accordingly to a mechanic of your choosing. The 2002 vehicle had been inadvertently parked up front as it was awaiting delivery for repair. We have hundreds of vehicles, some of which are rotated throughout the day each week for various reasons i.e. detailing, repairs, test drives, auctions, etc. With that said, we would like to assert that we encourage each customer to have their vehicle inspected by their mechanic if this is a desired course of action. During the point of sale we offer each customer the option of purchasing an extended warranty for select vehicles in inventory. The inventory that does not qualify for the extended warranty purchase is sold “as is”. However, the customers that choose the preceding vehicles are given a complimentary 50% (fifty percent) voucher to a local mechanic that provides service for our customers in the event that their “as is” vehicle needs attention. The voucher is outlined in the buyer’s paperwork and the buyer is in receipt of a copy of the voucher along with the remainder of their paperwork upon completion of the sale. This correspondence encompasses the only written, verbal or any transmission therein from Automax of Brevard.

Florida, Hillary Clinton is coming


Hillary Clinton schedules Florida event to introduce her running mate

By Daily News Bin

July 16, 2016

While Politico doesn’t list the precise day for the event, it does say that it will take place this upcoming week.

With the Republican National Convention expected to grab most of the headlines each day from Monday through Thursday,

that logically leaves Friday as the day in which Hillary Clinton is almost certain to hold her own running mate rollout event.

No city has been mentioned, but Orlando and the Interstate 4 corridor are often considered the key battleground areas within Florida.

The unveiling is being carefully crafted around the Republican National Convention,

timed to take away whatever buzz or bounce Trump might threaten to emerge with from the event.

Hillary will hold her running mate introduction event in Florida, according to a report today from Politico.

That has prompted immediate speculation that the running mate might be someone

who plays particularly well with the state’s diverse demographic.

Those who might fit the bill are

Julian Castro


Tom Perez, both Hispanics,


Tim Kaine, who speaks fluent Spanish.

Notice that Scott, Rubio and Beruff are not invited.

Thank God for small miracles!

Florida has a real tuff choice in November

No, not for the Whitehouse, that choice is easy.

Who to vote into the U.S. Senate from Florida and join Senator Bill Nelson.

Patrick Murphy

Marco Rubio

Carlos Beruf

Alan Grayson


Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.) has been fighting for the rights of the citizens in his district

for quite some time and wants to keep doing so for all of Florida in the U.S. Senate.



Senator Marco Rubio cannot get a job

outside of government with his senate record.

So he is running,

with the help of his republican Super-Pacs, to get his seat back.

That is if he can still remember

just where his seat in the senate is?



Carlos “Bully” Beruff

is a member of the SWFWMD governing board.

Carlos Beruff is a Scott appointee to the SWFWMD governing board, developer, powerful political manipulator

from Manatee County and current chair of the governing board.

Like Scott, he seems hell-bent on reversing these important lessons and continuing the destruction of natural Florida

that was so wisely and carefully prevented for the last 30 years.

Getting himself appointed to the district’s board of governors was clearly not because it is something he believes in.


It was likely because it will make him and his developer-partners and lawyers millions and millions of dollars,

the future of the state be damned.


U.S. Representative Patrick E. Murphy (FL-18)

U.S. Representative Patrick E. Murphy (FL-18)

Since 2013 he has worked tirelessly for his constituents and the state of Florida

helping to clean up a long time ignored land





is my first choice for the U.S. Senate.


more important than that of my vote is,

he has the vote of our president, President Barrack Obama.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg


Ginsburg abandoned judicial propriety to wrestle in the mud with a candidate she detests.

(Above, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on May 8, 2006, in Washington, D.C.)

RBG Just Risked Her Legacy to Insult Trump

Why she did it.

By Mark Joseph Stern

I think that it is all President Barrack Obama’s fault


Hillary Clinton helped him with the Voodoo spell

on the

Greatest Supreme Court Judge ever, baring none!


Oh Wait,

I cannot say that

I am not a member of the republican congress

of complete buffoons!

Donald Trump is not an ordinary presidential candidate, or an ordinary Republican.

He is a racist, misogynistic, xenophobic bigot.

He has proposed banning Muslims from entering the United States;

called Mexican immigrants rapists and criminals;

Supported the deportation of 11 million undocumented immigrants;

Routinely treated women with sexist disdain;

Advocated for torture of suspected terrorists;

Moreover, generally dismissed the rule of law.

He is, a fascist.

And those are his

“Good Points!”


Oh, Wait!

I can say that because.

He is the leader of those self-made Jester and their Republican presidential nominees.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has decided to take a stand against a major party’s presidential candidate in a way that she—and arguably no prior justice—has ever done before. Over the course of several interviews, the justice has spent the last few days hammering Donald Trump for his reckless campaign and outrageous policies, suggesting that a President Trump would pose a serious danger to the republic. Her explicitly political statements set off a familiar firestorm about whether Ginsburg had “crossed the line,” sending the conservative blogosphere in particular into howling fantods. Critics on the left and right have criticized Ginsburg’s comments as explosive, unprecedented, and unethical.

They are. That’s the point.

To recap the controversy, Ginsburg’s campaign began with a light jab at Trump in a Thursday interview, in which the justice admitted she didn’t “want to think about” the possibility of a Trump presidency. Then, on Friday, Ginsburg told the New York Times’ Adam Liptak, “I can’t imagine what this place would be—I can’t imagine what the country

would be—with Donald Trump as our president.” Days after her Times interview, Ginsburg told CNN’s Joan Biskupic that Trump is a “faker” with “no consistency” and she criticized his refusal to release his tax returns. “He really has an ego,” she said (correctly and understatedly).

There is really very little to debate about the ethics of Ginsburg’s comments. They were plainly a violation, the kind of partisan partiality that judicial ethics codes strive to prevent. But Ginsburg, who is a quietly canny judicial and political strategist, surely knows that her comments were an ethical error. That leads to a fascinating question: Why would the justice risk her reputation and good standing—and even her power to hear cases involving Trump—for a few quick jabs at the candidate? The answer, I suspect, is that Ginsburg has decided to sacrifice some of her prestige in order to send as clear a warning signal about Trump as she possibly can. The subtext of Ginsburg’s comments, of her willingness to comment, is that Trump poses an unparalleled threat to this country—a threat so great that she will abandon judicial propriety in order to warn against looming disaster.

To be clear, what Ginsburg is doing right now—pushing her case against Trump through on-the-record interviews—is not just unethical; it’s dangerous. As a general rule, justices should refrain from commenting on politics, period. That dictate applies to 83-year-old internet folk heroes as strictly as it applies to anybody else who dons judicial robes. The independence of our judiciary—and just as critically, its appearance of impartiality—hinges on a consistent separation between itself and the other branches of government. That means no proclamations of loyalty to any candidate, or admissions of distaste of any other.

You don’t need to be a judicial ethicist to see the wisdom of this principle. Trump is a litigious man; should he take a campaign-related lawsuit to the court, Ginsburg will now surely be pressed to recuse herself. And of course, more significantly, these calls for recusal would accompany every case involving a possible Trump administration. (Through the Department of Justice, the executive branch is tasked with defending federal laws and presidential actions in court.) Moreover, Ginsburg’s comments all but begged Trump to respond—which he did on Tuesday, with a surprisingly coherent rebuke.

Commissioners to review animal shelter A/C recommendation


Orange County commissioners to review animal shelter A/C recommendation

The county recently spent about $15,000 to study options to get air conditioning into the pet section of the building!

From the look-see of Channel 9 news,

The pet section already has duck work into their part of the building

and if not used, why on earth will it cost another $1.5 to $3 million

for a new air condition system just for that part of the building?

It only cost about 1/4 that much to condition a complete building!

Orange%20County%20Animal%20Shelter%20020Duck line top right of photo!

Do you need a quick check just off the internet?

Typical costs:
Adding central air conditioning to an existing forced-air heating system in a 2,000-square-foot house averages $3,500-$4,000, and can be done by two technicians in 2-3 days, with little or no change to the existing ducting; if ducts must be added, the work time doubles, as does the cost to $7,000-$8,000 or more, according to[1] .

Estimates for a older, smaller house of 800-1,000 square feet with no existing duct work run $2,100-$6,000, or as high as $10,000 or more, depending on the type and quality of equipment installed, the amount of space available for installing ducts and vents, and the local economy.

That is far less then the $15,000 Study!

Updated: Jul 12, 2016 – 6:21 AM


Animal advocates have been pushing for the county to add air conditioning inside the Orange County Animal Shelter, and commissioners will review the results of a recent study during a Tuesday meeting.

The temperature inside Orange County Animal Services can get into the 90s due to the lack of air conditioning and some advocates said cooling off the animals is just common sense.

“You think of a shelter as a sort of place to protect or help, and I just assumed there would be air conditioning there,” said Christine Cavagnaro.

Cavagnaro is one of several animal advocates pushing the shelter to install air-conditioning.

There are fans and ventilation, but that does little to help during the hottest days.

“It’s extremely hot. We have extreme temperatures here, so anytime you do walk through the shelter you’re sweating for five minutes,” said Cavagnaro.

9 Investigates learned the county recently spent about $15,000 to study options.

Estimates show the price of air-conditioning ranges from $1.5 million to nearly $3 million, with maintenance and utility costing in the thousands every month.

Another possibility is upgrading the current ventilation system at a cost of $350,000.

But that would only drop the air temperature between five and 10 degrees.

“We have laws now that we can break dogs out of hot cars in Florida. To me, a shelter should automatically have air conditioning because otherwise it’s cruel,” said Cavagnaro.

County commissioners will look at the options Tuesday.

Seminole County does not have air conditioning inside its animal shelter either.

However, Lake County officials told Channel 9 they have air conditioning inside its animal services building.

Orange County released this statement:

“Orange County Animal Services recently requested an air conditioning study to assess the total financial impact, challenges and benefits relevant to the installation of an HVAC system within its shelter.  The original building, constructed in 1987, featured national design-standard open air circulation with interior kennel runs and access to fresh air year-round for dogs. While the building is equipped with a ventilation system that moves air and helps curtail the spread of disease, it does not produce cool air. In the event that an animal is sick or infirmed, the animal can be cared for in an area of the shelter which does have access to conditioned air, providing relief from rising summer temperatures.

The results of the study include several recommendations and alternatives, as well as estimated installation and ongoing costs. This study will be presented before the Orange County Board of County Commissioners Tuesday, July 12, for review.”

Ron DeSantis doesn’t live in the district anymore.

You cannot run for an office, un-less

you live in the district

or you are a republican

Florida republicans at work, for themselves that is!


Ron DeSantis announced that he’ll run for the

6th Congressional District seat he already holds.

Only as a result of redistricting,

DeSantis doesn’t live in the district anymore.

How can he still run for this seat in our congress?


and a lot of it!

Rep. Ron DeSantis

Voting Record virtually nonexistent

Updated July 10, 2016

Ron DeSantis is also against LGBT Rights.

From the Editor

Rubio, DeSantis, and political ambition

Wednesday, June 22, 2016 at 5:22 by Pat Rice

Here’s how politics REALLY works.

Donald Trump kicks very ambitious

Marco Rubio’s rear in the Republican presidential contest.

And after the proper amount of time has passed,


Rubio announces that there’s just so much more

that needs to be accomplished in Washington, D.C.


at the last minute he decides to

seek reelection to the U.S. Senate.


judging by his attendance record, 

seemed to be the one place

he LEAST wanted to be in the past couple of years.)

That leads to a very ambitious republican Ron DeSantis

announcing that he won’t run for U.S. Senate after all.


now he’ll run for the 6th Congressional District seat

he already holds.

Forget that, as a result of redistricting, DeSantis doesn’t live in the district anymore.

What’s important here is that

DeSantis has a lot of money in his campaign chest.

Which means a number of other Republican candidates

vying for the 6th District will likely drop out.

What a racket. Story here.

Ron DeSantis is against LGBT Rights.

Responding today to Mike Huckabee’s threat to leave the GOP over Republican leaders’ muted response to gay marriage victories, Rep. Rob DeSantis reassured the former governor that the Republican Party is not giving up on its fight against gay rights.

The freshman Republican from Florida told Newsmax TV that Huckabee and other Religious Right leaders shouldn’t even think about leaving the GOP.

Marco Rubio Wants to be

the Most Anti-Gay Republican.