Florida, Hillary Clinton is coming


Hillary Clinton schedules Florida event to introduce her running mate

By Daily News Bin

July 16, 2016

While Politico doesn’t list the precise day for the event, it does say that it will take place this upcoming week.

With the Republican National Convention expected to grab most of the headlines each day from Monday through Thursday,

that logically leaves Friday as the day in which Hillary Clinton is almost certain to hold her own running mate rollout event.

No city has been mentioned, but Orlando and the Interstate 4 corridor are often considered the key battleground areas within Florida.


The unveiling is being carefully crafted around the Republican National Convention,

timed to take away whatever buzz or bounce Trump might threaten to emerge with from the event.

Hillary will hold her running mate introduction event in Florida, according to a report today from Politico.

That has prompted immediate speculation that the running mate might be someone

who plays particularly well with the state’s diverse demographic.

Those who might fit the bill are

Julian Castro


Tom Perez, both Hispanics,


Tim Kaine, who speaks fluent Spanish.

Notice that Scott, Rubio and Beruff are not invited.

Thank God for small miracles!


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