Two down Two Thousand to go

Two down Two Thousand to go

Mind you my followers (Republican Followers).

U.S. Representative Corrine Brown a Democrat,


LOST and I am Glad!

Not sure how we will make out with this (Al Lawson), do not know much about him, Yet.

Rep. Dan Webster won and I am not pleased.

Because I do not like the way he treats his women.

Rep. Dan Webster handily wins GOP primary in U.S. House District 11

Al Lawson won out over Corrine Brown for U.S. Representative District 5


Jeff Aston is a Democrat, LOST and I am Glad!


Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood is a Republican WON

and I would like to Clone him to put into every county in Florida


plus, every congress seat in the country!


Prosecutor Aramis Ayala won out

over the corrupt Jeff Aston.

The only time that

(No Show Rubio),

should win is over the Mafia!

Rubio beat Millionaire Carlos Beruff

a Governor Rick Scott Corrupt businessperson

as expected.

How did Carlos Beruff get his money?

He is just another Rick Scott Puppet!

Sen. Marco Rubio easily secured his name on the GOP ticket during the Florida primary,

despite pledging he would quit politics after his failed White House bid.

The former presidential candidate snagged 72% of the vote against real estate mogul Carlos Beruff and will advance to face-off with Democrat Rep. Patrick Murphy in the general election.

Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood

Election night: Chitwood wins Sheriff;

Lewis wins elections head, but several races close in West Volusia

What is a Redneck?

What is a Redneck?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The term ‘redneck’ is a derogatory term.


Chiefly used for a rural poor white person of the Southern United States.

Its usage is similar in meaning to








Cracker refers to colonial-era English and American pioneer settlers

and their descendants in what is now

the U.S. state of Florida and Georgia.


The redneck has been stereotyped in the media and popular culture as


a poor, dirty, uneducated, and racist,

Southern white man.”


While growing up in the New England Area,

with decadents in the New York Area.

A “Redneck” is a person that is a loner


(Keeping out of cities as often as possible).

When we first moved to central Florida,

People told me that a



“Redneck,” is a person that moved to Florida to get away from society and all of its laws and regulations.

After living in Florida for over a dozen years,

I am having a problem choosing which of the above five, is the closest to being a correct statement?

If you think about it for a while

and knowing who and what Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are

and have been doing for this country

for some thirty years or more.

And then still see that,

Donald Trump is in the lead for the presidency in

Florida and Georgia!

One just might be able

to make the easiest choice!

You can choose one of more answers if you wish.

The Problem, Florida Oxygen?


Florida Fish & Wildlife said it is the Oxygen

Taxpayers Question, Why?


Why will it cost the taxpayers




for yet


another phony test?

Why not spend $0.25


for a glass

to dip into the





all along the shore of the

“Indian River Lagoon,”

and from the



Florida Fish and Wild Life solved the dead fish problem

low oxygen in the water

Dead fish, stingrays wash ashore in Brevard County

Published  11:24 PM EDT Aug 25, 2016

After an inquiry from WESH 2 News, Florida Fish and Wildlife said several reports have come in from residents about dead fish.

FWC issued a statement on the recent fish kill. In part, it says, “This event is not associated with the blue-green algae located in the southern part of the lagoon earlier this summer.”

Instead, FWC believes recent kills have been caused by naturally occurring low dissolved oxygen.

In a different statement, FWC said it’s been testing waters weekly at eight different sites. The recent kills could be caused by something else.

Earlier this month, county commissioners decided to place a property and sales tax hike plan on the November ballot.

The plan attempts to raise $300 million over 10 years to clean up the lagoon.

Causes and Prevention of Fish Kills

Jeff Ashton lost an open and shut case


Check out Jeff Ashton conviction rate?

56% the 3rd lowest rate in Florida.

Florida is catching up with reality.

Jeff Ashton lost an open and shut case

(Casey Anthony),

the biggest case at the time in the history of the Ninth Judicial Circuit Florida!

So what did we, the people of Florida do about this?

We dumped the best States Attorney at the time in the Ninth Judicial Circuit Florida and voted this loser in his place!


In 2012, Ashton ran for the state attorney seat in the Floridian counties of Orange and Osceola,

against his former supervisor, Lawson Lamar.

Our new States Attorney fumbles through each case

brought before the state

and hand picks only the ones

that he is positive that he can win,

the rest go free to commit other crimes!

And still only a 56% rate?

Racial Injustice Jeff Ashton Orlando Sentinel

By Greg Fox

New political ad attacks state attorney

Ashton calls opponent ‘desperate’

Published  8:02 PM EDT Aug 22, 2016

State Attorney Jeff Ashton Resigns After Being Exposed By Hack

Published on Aug 25, 2015

One of the high-profile ‘victims’ of the Ashley Madison hack is Jeff Ashton, State Attorney for Orange and Osceola counties in Florida. He has resigned his post after being revealed as an Ashley Madison user.

Mind you my republican followers,

both in the running

are democrats


I wish to see the older former states attorney,

Lawson Lamar get back into office!


Ayala is challenging incumbent Jeff Ashton,

who was first elected in 2012 and has raised $82,400

for his re-election bid.

Ayala has raised $40,805,

according to the state Division of Elections.

Both Ayala and Ashton are Democrats.


The August 31 primary election is expected to determine the officeholder


there are no Republicans running for the seat in the heavily Democratic district

The Rich get Richer, the Lazy pay for it!


The Rich get Richer, the Lazy pay for it

My brother, may he rest in peace,

would say,

if I complained about things like this following post.

“On my way to work in the morning,

I drop off my wallet on the clerks desk

at the town-hall,

after work I pick it up again,

they take whatever, the rest belongs to me!”

I say,

“My brother,(rest now in Gods hands),

however, if we in Florida do this, they will even steal the wallet!”

Despite $1.65 Billion Profit in 2015, FPL Seeks 23% Rate Increase over the Next Three Years.

FlaglerLive | August 22, 2016

Under the proposal, FPL wants regulators to approve rates that would generate an additional $826 million in 2017, $270 million in 2018 and $209 million in 2019.

The 2019 money would be tied to the start of a new Okeechobee County power plant, which is scheduled to come online June 1, 2019. There would be no increase requested for 2020.

The proposal, if approved, would increase the monthly base rate for a typical residential customer using 1,000 kilowatt hours of electricity from $57 to about $70 by 2020. Base rates, however, only make up a portion of customers’ bills, as utilities also pass along the tab for expenses such as power-plant fuel.

Florida, what ever happened to amendment # 1?


Florida, what ever happened to amendment # 1?

Amendment 1 would guarantee money

to buy and restore land in Florida

to protect the environment.


Florida is now going to tax Floridians

to clean up the Algae

in the Indian River Lagoon.

Whatever happened to all of that money that Florida

was to be spending on our waterways

from Amendment #1?

Amendment 1: The Price to Protect Florida’s Land & Water

Florida Water and Land Conservation Initiative, Amendment 1 (2014),_Amendment_1_(2014)


We need to see Donald Trump’s Taxes long before November.


we also need to see Governor Rick Scott’s taxes

before Scott and his Florida Congress passes a law taxing Floridians

to clean up his mess while they keep the Federal Governments

allotment to help clean up our water!