Jeff Ashton lost an open and shut case


Check out Jeff Ashton conviction rate?

56% the 3rd lowest rate in Florida.

Florida is catching up with reality.

Jeff Ashton lost an open and shut case

(Casey Anthony),

the biggest case at the time in the history of the Ninth Judicial Circuit Florida!

So what did we, the people of Florida do about this?

We dumped the best States Attorney at the time in the Ninth Judicial Circuit Florida and voted this loser in his place!


In 2012, Ashton ran for the state attorney seat in the Floridian counties of Orange and Osceola,

against his former supervisor, Lawson Lamar.

Our new States Attorney fumbles through each case

brought before the state

and hand picks only the ones

that he is positive that he can win,

the rest go free to commit other crimes!

And still only a 56% rate?

Racial Injustice Jeff Ashton Orlando Sentinel

By Greg Fox

New political ad attacks state attorney

Ashton calls opponent ‘desperate’

Published  8:02 PM EDT Aug 22, 2016

State Attorney Jeff Ashton Resigns After Being Exposed By Hack

Published on Aug 25, 2015

One of the high-profile ‘victims’ of the Ashley Madison hack is Jeff Ashton, State Attorney for Orange and Osceola counties in Florida. He has resigned his post after being revealed as an Ashley Madison user.

Mind you my republican followers,

both in the running

are democrats


I wish to see the older former states attorney,

Lawson Lamar get back into office!


Ayala is challenging incumbent Jeff Ashton,

who was first elected in 2012 and has raised $82,400

for his re-election bid.

Ayala has raised $40,805,

according to the state Division of Elections.

Both Ayala and Ashton are Democrats.


The August 31 primary election is expected to determine the officeholder


there are no Republicans running for the seat in the heavily Democratic district

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