The Problem, Florida Oxygen?


Florida Fish & Wildlife said it is the Oxygen

Taxpayers Question, Why?


Why will it cost the taxpayers




for yet


another phony test?

Why not spend $0.25


for a glass

to dip into the





all along the shore of the

“Indian River Lagoon,”

and from the



Florida Fish and Wild Life solved the dead fish problem

low oxygen in the water

Dead fish, stingrays wash ashore in Brevard County

Published  11:24 PM EDT Aug 25, 2016

After an inquiry from WESH 2 News, Florida Fish and Wildlife said several reports have come in from residents about dead fish.

FWC issued a statement on the recent fish kill. In part, it says, “This event is not associated with the blue-green algae located in the southern part of the lagoon earlier this summer.”

Instead, FWC believes recent kills have been caused by naturally occurring low dissolved oxygen.

In a different statement, FWC said it’s been testing waters weekly at eight different sites. The recent kills could be caused by something else.

Earlier this month, county commissioners decided to place a property and sales tax hike plan on the November ballot.

The plan attempts to raise $300 million over 10 years to clean up the lagoon.

Causes and Prevention of Fish Kills


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