What is a Redneck?

What is a Redneck?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The term ‘redneck’ is a derogatory term.



Chiefly used for a rural poor white person of the Southern United States.

Its usage is similar in meaning to










Cracker refers to colonial-era English and American pioneer settlers

and their descendants in what is now

the U.S. state of Florida and Georgia.


The redneck has been stereotyped in the media and popular culture as


a poor, dirty, uneducated, and racist,

Southern white man.”


While growing up in the New England Area,

with decadents in the New York Area.

A “Redneck” is a person that is a loner


(Keeping out of cities as often as possible).

When we first moved to central Florida,

People told me that a



“Redneck,” is a person that moved to Florida to get away from society and all of its laws and regulations.

After living in Florida for over a dozen years,

I am having a problem choosing which of the above five, is the closest to being a correct statement?

If you think about it for a while

and knowing who and what Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are

and have been doing for this country

for some thirty years or more.

And then still see that,

Donald Trump is in the lead for the presidency in

Florida and Georgia!

One just might be able

to make the easiest choice!

You can choose one of more answers if you wish.


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