Two down Two Thousand to go

Two down Two Thousand to go

Mind you my followers (Republican Followers).

U.S. Representative Corrine Brown a Democrat,


LOST and I am Glad!

Not sure how we will make out with this (Al Lawson), do not know much about him, Yet.

Rep. Dan Webster won and I am not pleased.

Because I do not like the way he treats his women.

Rep. Dan Webster handily wins GOP primary in U.S. House District 11

Al Lawson won out over Corrine Brown for U.S. Representative District 5


Jeff Aston is a Democrat, LOST and I am Glad!


Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood is a Republican WON

and I would like to Clone him to put into every county in Florida


plus, every congress seat in the country!


Prosecutor Aramis Ayala won out

over the corrupt Jeff Aston.

The only time that

(No Show Rubio),

should win is over the Mafia!

Rubio beat Millionaire Carlos Beruff

a Governor Rick Scott Corrupt businessperson

as expected.

How did Carlos Beruff get his money?

He is just another Rick Scott Puppet!

Sen. Marco Rubio easily secured his name on the GOP ticket during the Florida primary,

despite pledging he would quit politics after his failed White House bid.

The former presidential candidate snagged 72% of the vote against real estate mogul Carlos Beruff and will advance to face-off with Democrat Rep. Patrick Murphy in the general election.

Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood

Election night: Chitwood wins Sheriff;

Lewis wins elections head, but several races close in West Volusia


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