Fill and Patch, what about Remove?

I wanted to write today about the leaking of poison chemicals into the Florida Aquifer

From the Mosaic poison pond sinkhole.

Because now they are talking about only filling and patching the Sinkhole.

What about the chemicals they were to pump out?

Who did this company pay-off?

If you look at the hole, it is still receiving polluted water!

Someone in the Florida government is still saying,

“Show me the Money!”

Grease my palms and I will keep your secrets!

Yet another public official is calling out the real Rick Scott for what he really is.

Florida Congresswoman blames Governor for keeping Mosaic sinkhole secret

By Steve Andrews Published: October 28, 2016, 4:30 pm

POLK COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) – Someone is holding up the release of state records about who came up with the bright idea to keep information about a sinkhole opening beneath a Mosaic gypsum stack secret.

Congresswoman Gwen Graham (D)-Fla. lays the blame on Governor Rick Scott’s crew.

“We have gotten nothing and we have been in constant communication with the Department of Environmental Protection asking for information,” Representative Graham said.

Citing Florida’s public records law, more than a month ago Ms. Graham’s office as well as News Channel 8 requested from the Florida’s DEP all correspondence about the sinkhole.

“I hope it’s not going to take a lawsuit, but in the past, that’s what it’s required in order to get public records laws met,” stated Representative Graham.  “The Governor’s office has chosen rather than release to pay huge fines.”

The sinkhole opened beneath at Mosaic’s New Wales plant in Mulberry Aug. 27. The state learned of the contaminated water loss the next day.  Neighbors were not informed for weeks.

Representative Germ Gram is suing Governor Rick Scott for withholding Mosaic’s information.

The Governor’s office now claims Mr. Scott was kept in the dark about all this for weeks. But the state provided no documents to prove that, nor did it provide any to show who decided to keep the sinkhole and the escaped contaminated water a secret.

“Every Floridian should be up in arms and appalled that this is how the Department of Environmental Protection is operating,” stated Representative Graham.

Ms. Graham worries it may take a lawsuit to pry loose records that get to the bottom of why people weren’t notified.

“We must do better  and thank you for holding those accountable who should be held accountable,” she said.


The Pied Piper’s of (Florida) Hamelin


The Pied Piper’s of (Florida)

Vote No on Amendment #1

Constitutional Amendment #1 rights of Electricity consumers regarding solar energy choice

If one tells a lie often enough

and long enough,

soon people will believe it to be the truth.

A lie is a lie, is a lie and will always be a lie.

Solar amendment misleading, harmful to consumers

We urge Floridians to vote no on Amendment 1

for three reasons:

1. It’s funded by Florida’s big utilities to protect their monopolies and limit customer-owned solar.

2. It paves the way for barriers that would penalize solar customers.

3. It misleads Florida voters by promising rights and protections that Florida citizens already have.

Follow the money


Vote No on Amendment 1

I want to tell you why you should vote NO on Amendment 1 — the so-called “Rights of Electricity Consumers Regarding Solar Energy Choice.”

The amendment would give people no new rights to solar energy but would simply “constitutionalize the status quo,” according to a member of the Florida Supreme Court. It hardens current law favoring utility company profits over consumer rights and clean air.

Amendment 1 is an effort to confuse voters and block an amendment introduced by a grassroots coalition called Floridians for Solar Choice. The “solar choice” amendment has broad support; support for Amendment I comes from electric utility companies and organizations backed by the Koch brothers.

Opponents of the measure say,

however, that the amendment wouldn’t do much for the consumer

since the amendment would simply codify what’s already legal

for the consumer to do anyway.

Opponents of the measure also say consumers using their own solar power could be hit by fines from regulators

with special fees for access to the solar grid.

Consumers for Smart Solar stepped on the scene to raise money to help expand solar energy in Florida late last year and has already fundraised a hefty chunk of cash in 2016, in part due to being well-connected with its donor base.

The initiative brought in a whopping $8.5 million during the month of April.

Some of the group’s largest backers have been statewide power and utility companies like

Florida Power & Light Company, Duke Energy, and Tampa Electric Company.


The Pied Piper of  Hamelin

Florida believes that if they vote in Marco Rubio this time he will stick around and do his job.

Donald Trump is just joking and does not plan to take care of only Donald Trump!

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Sanford Burnham the sponge of the country


Sanford Burnham the sponge of the country


This company sponged off California.

Back in 2006 Governor Jeb Bush while our governor, paid this sponge company $310,000,000 taxpayer dollars to steal,

(with California’s blessing I might add),

them to the best of the best real state in Florida.

In addition, helped them build a no taxpaying company.

After ten years of non-profit,

this sponge company wants to move to another victim state.

Because the


University of Florida

would not get sucked into a money draining company.

What’s the problem?

Let them go!

Did you notice the same trend from our Governor Rick Scott?

Millions of our tax dollars to many non taxes paying companies into Florida.

UF backing out of Sanford Burnham deal

The much-debated plan for the University of Florida to take over operations of Sanford Burnham in Orlando’s medical city is off, UF officials confirmed Tuesday.

“The University of Florida is willing to discuss how it can be helpful to the state in a manner that makes sense for all parties. … However, it is unclear how UF can help in a timely manner, given the likely need for legislative approval. As such, UF is unable to proceed at this time,” UF officials said in a statement.

Coverage of Sanford Burnham’s departure from Medical City

Sources close to the matter said that the university is backing out partly because it hasn’t received support from key stakeholders, including the state, Orange County and Orlando.

Sanford Burnham’s handoff to UF driven by shrinking research money, documents show

Losing money and tapped out of state incentives, Sanford-Burnham — a centerpiece of Orlando’s Medical City — began exploring strategies to leave Central Florida as early as last fall.

Lured with more than $300 million to build an east-coast center in Orlando a decade ago, the California-based research institute has suffered as federal research grants have become more scarce in recent years, according to bond documents it filed in San Diego County in October.

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My name is

Shechaim Ohjieshan Walkingfox


I approve of this message

Preparing for Hurricane Matthew


Hurricane Matthew is coming down the throat

of the Floridians of Florida.

President Barrack Obama, Senator Bill Nelson and Governor Rick Scott have been on duty constantly caring for our people.

no-show game-called-marco-polo_6f0cf6ecfd26fcec thJ0B67GGU CcUc37RW8AAo-Rh

Where in the heck is No Show Rubio?

Senator Marco Rubio is one of two senators from Florida, in office to care and help make Florida a better place for her Floridians!

Marco, you cannot your state while hiding in a corner while  wetting your diaper!

Hillary Clinton and Representative Patrick Murphy are helping and showing their concern

Preparing for Matthew

Price Gouging During Hurricane Matthew


Price Gouging Hotline Activated

During Hurricane Matthew

Florida Government

must demand that


“Price Gouging!”

Will be shut down immediately


kicked out of the state



If they do not do this,

we the voters

need to

‘Wonder why’?


All of the stations

around our Airports

‘Price Gouge,’

every day


I do wonder why?

Florida leaders are warning consumers of price gouging ahead of Hurricane Matthew.

Attorney General Pam Bondi activated Florida’s price gouging hotline after Gov. Rick Scott declared a state of emergency.

Tolls Suspended in Impacted Areas of Florida

Officials want to crack down on businesses that try to take advantage of consumers during the storm.

The price gouging law prohibits extreme increases in price of essential items such as food, ice, gas, hotels, lumber and water during a declared state of emergency.

Anyone who suspects of price gouging should file a complaint by calling 1-866-9-NO-SCAM. For more information on the price gouging hotline check out the

Florida Attorney General Office’s website.


Price Gouging Hotline Activated During Hurricane Matthew | NBC 6 South Florida

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