Price Gouging During Hurricane Matthew


Price Gouging Hotline Activated

During Hurricane Matthew

Florida Government

must demand that


“Price Gouging!”

Will be shut down immediately


kicked out of the state



If they do not do this,

we the voters

need to

‘Wonder why’?


All of the stations

around our Airports

‘Price Gouge,’

every day


I do wonder why?

Florida leaders are warning consumers of price gouging ahead of Hurricane Matthew.

Attorney General Pam Bondi activated Florida’s price gouging hotline after Gov. Rick Scott declared a state of emergency.

Tolls Suspended in Impacted Areas of Florida

Officials want to crack down on businesses that try to take advantage of consumers during the storm.

The price gouging law prohibits extreme increases in price of essential items such as food, ice, gas, hotels, lumber and water during a declared state of emergency.

Anyone who suspects of price gouging should file a complaint by calling 1-866-9-NO-SCAM. For more information on the price gouging hotline check out the

Florida Attorney General Office’s website.


Price Gouging Hotline Activated During Hurricane Matthew | NBC 6 South Florida

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