Sanford Burnham the sponge of the country


Sanford Burnham the sponge of the country


This company sponged off California.

Back in 2006 Governor Jeb Bush while our governor, paid this sponge company $310,000,000 taxpayer dollars to steal,

(with California’s blessing I might add),

them to the best of the best real state in Florida.

In addition, helped them build a no taxpaying company.

After ten years of non-profit,

this sponge company wants to move to another victim state.

Because the


University of Florida

would not get sucked into a money draining company.

What’s the problem?

Let them go!

Did you notice the same trend from our Governor Rick Scott?

Millions of our tax dollars to many non taxes paying companies into Florida.

UF backing out of Sanford Burnham deal

The much-debated plan for the University of Florida to take over operations of Sanford Burnham in Orlando’s medical city is off, UF officials confirmed Tuesday.

“The University of Florida is willing to discuss how it can be helpful to the state in a manner that makes sense for all parties. … However, it is unclear how UF can help in a timely manner, given the likely need for legislative approval. As such, UF is unable to proceed at this time,” UF officials said in a statement.

Coverage of Sanford Burnham’s departure from Medical City

Sources close to the matter said that the university is backing out partly because it hasn’t received support from key stakeholders, including the state, Orange County and Orlando.

Sanford Burnham’s handoff to UF driven by shrinking research money, documents show

Losing money and tapped out of state incentives, Sanford-Burnham — a centerpiece of Orlando’s Medical City — began exploring strategies to leave Central Florida as early as last fall.

Lured with more than $300 million to build an east-coast center in Orlando a decade ago, the California-based research institute has suffered as federal research grants have become more scarce in recent years, according to bond documents it filed in San Diego County in October.

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