Fill and Patch, what about Remove?

I wanted to write today about the leaking of poison chemicals into the Florida Aquifer

From the Mosaic poison pond sinkhole.

Because now they are talking about only filling and patching the Sinkhole.

What about the chemicals they were to pump out?

Who did this company pay-off?

If you look at the hole, it is still receiving polluted water!

Someone in the Florida government is still saying,

“Show me the Money!”

Grease my palms and I will keep your secrets!

Yet another public official is calling out the real Rick Scott for what he really is.

Florida Congresswoman blames Governor for keeping Mosaic sinkhole secret

By Steve Andrews Published: October 28, 2016, 4:30 pm

POLK COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) – Someone is holding up the release of state records about who came up with the bright idea to keep information about a sinkhole opening beneath a Mosaic gypsum stack secret.

Congresswoman Gwen Graham (D)-Fla. lays the blame on Governor Rick Scott’s crew.

“We have gotten nothing and we have been in constant communication with the Department of Environmental Protection asking for information,” Representative Graham said.

Citing Florida’s public records law, more than a month ago Ms. Graham’s office as well as News Channel 8 requested from the Florida’s DEP all correspondence about the sinkhole.

“I hope it’s not going to take a lawsuit, but in the past, that’s what it’s required in order to get public records laws met,” stated Representative Graham.  “The Governor’s office has chosen rather than release to pay huge fines.”

The sinkhole opened beneath at Mosaic’s New Wales plant in Mulberry Aug. 27. The state learned of the contaminated water loss the next day.  Neighbors were not informed for weeks.

Representative Germ Gram is suing Governor Rick Scott for withholding Mosaic’s information.

The Governor’s office now claims Mr. Scott was kept in the dark about all this for weeks. But the state provided no documents to prove that, nor did it provide any to show who decided to keep the sinkhole and the escaped contaminated water a secret.

“Every Floridian should be up in arms and appalled that this is how the Department of Environmental Protection is operating,” stated Representative Graham.

Ms. Graham worries it may take a lawsuit to pry loose records that get to the bottom of why people weren’t notified.

“We must do better  and thank you for holding those accountable who should be held accountable,” she said.


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