Is this Worth a million bucks?

One Million Dollars to embarrass our women!

Worth a million bucks?

Pit bulls Florida video contract

I do not know why organizations like


National Organization for Women.

Are not protesting

every ad like this

treatment of Floridian Women like ‘Pigs’


Floridian men as


‘Paleolithic Subhuman’,

that can only think with a mine

Below their

‘Belly Button’!

However, as a Man, a citizen of Florida,


A person that enjoys the beauty in every inch of my state.

I am extremely insulted!

We need people who spend our ‘tax money’ to show off Florida.

Spending those million dollars on ads showing a

(First Time visit)

to our states.

While seeing a group of Manatees, wintering at


“Blue Spring Park!”


A trip through places like,


Merritt Island

National Wildlife Refuge”

watching the real Florida?


before or after

visits to


all of our beaches



the attractions.

While spending the 3/4 of that million dollars left over on maintaining our beaches and parks!


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