It is Michele and Barrack Obama’s fault!



(an immigrant)

is said to have a high I.Q


speaks a number of languages.

However, she is now the

(First Lady of the United States of America).

So, she must learn how to speak so that all Americans can understand just what is that she is saying?

American English and at least American Spanish.

It is not that Melania speaks


we cannot understand

a word she said.


The fact that Donald

is just another

Bombastic Stupid Bully!

That speaks until we all fall asleep.


then does nothing!


That each of them cannot speak

without a teleprompter


the help of

multiple speechwriters.

It is in fact Michele and Barrack Obama’s fault!

For eight,

not long enough years,

the people of the Earth

watched and listened to them speak

to the world

from the heart,

their own heart


their own mind


Let us look at the how and why?

First Lady Michele Obama


President Barrack Obama!

Heaven forbid that we could have had eight,

also not long enough years


President Hillary


‘First Male Person Bill Clinton.

Hillary Rodham Clinton

The 42nd President of the United States

William Jefferson “Bill” Clinton

Any Questions?


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