‘Vehicle versus pedestrian accidents’


How to stop ‘Vehicle versus pedestrian’ accidents in Florida

Yes, this is yet another repeat posting.


Most accidents of this kind happen late in the day and/or night.

I write again Because

How can a vehicle

hit a pedestrian


then one or more vehicles

also hit that same person


just drive away?


Booze and/or stolen vehicle and/or no driver’s license.

A simple way to slowdown

if not end hit and run/vehicle versus person accidents.

This although simple,

will never become the law of the country

or the world.


Because many of the lawbreakers are,

the politicians

that would need to write the laws!

A good start would be

Get the time limit of selling and buying liquor and beer,

back to 10: pm slowly

howbeit as quickly as possible.

Give police, prosecution attorneys and judges

stronger laws to punish the law-breakers!

Make jail time something

for the

habitual lawbreaker

to remember.

Florida Highway Patrol

Traffic Incidents


Florida hit-and-run crashes

Women struck by two drivers Pine hill Rd and Balbos Dr one driver drove away


Central Florida hit-and-run crashes on the rise, FHP says

1 in 4 crashes last year were hit-and-run incidents

By Emilee Speck – Digital journalist , Sachelle Saunders – Reporter

February 16, 2017


Pedestrian and Bicyclist Crash Statistics

In 2014, 4,884 pedestrians and 726 bicyclists were killed in crashes with motor vehicles (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Traffic Safety Facts). Here are more facts and figures on pedestrian and bicycle crashes:





2 thoughts on “‘Vehicle versus pedestrian accidents’

  1. Drunk or sober what if there was a way these drivers could have started the braking ¾ of a second sooner and stopped 30 – 40 feet shorter. There is. Sad that those in charge of driver legislation and training refuse to teach student drivers the safer left foot braking method and ban driving instructors from teaching the very complicated, inefficient(poor stopping distance) and dangerous (right foot pedal errors) right foot braking on automatic cars. See DOT HS 811 597 and 812 058. Score to date 30,000 – 150,000 dead, millions injured, and billions in costs. The price men are apparently willing to pay to maintain their systemic belief in right foot braking on automatic cars even though they have zero scientific justification.

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