Another undetected Natural Gas Leak

How safe are your vacation


college students in America

Two more homes burned

One burned to the ground.

The second saved by students passing by.


Another undetected Natural Gas Leak

Santa Rosa Beach Home Destroyed in Fire on Monday

Blue Mountain Beach saved the girls Ford Cleveland

Two rental houses in the Panhandle rented for your students burned to the ground because of another

Clean, Clear, Safe Natural Gas!

Gas leak in two rental houses in the Panhandle Florida burned down

List of natural Gas accidents in the United States in the 21st century

List of pipeline accidents

in the United States

in the 21st century

Pipelines Explained:

How Safe are America’s 2.5 Million Miles of Pipelines?

Nuclear and radiation accidents and incidents


Hey Florida, Even Lebanon Connecticut is going Green!


Greenhouse at Lebanon farm

producing power

along with plants

Lebanon Connecticut is going ‘Green’!

With the help of the Connecticut Democratic Party and President Obama’s style of Governing.


Employees, dignitaries and other guests gather at Pride’s Corner Farm on Waterman Road in Lebanon for an event to recognize the farm’s new 240-kilowatt solar array Friday, March 3, 2017. (Sean D. Elliot/The Day

Published March 03. 2017

By Judy Benson Day staff writer

Lebanon —

Even in the morning’s chilly breezes and barren late winter landscape, Friday’s bright sunshine wasn’t going to waste at Pride’s Corner Farm on Waterman Road.

“We’re getting 25 percent of the farm’s electricity needs from the solar panels,”

said Mark Sellew, owner of the 400-acre plant farm.

“They’re already hooked up to the grid.”

With local, state and federal lawmakers and other officials on hand, Sellew celebrated the recent installation of 725 solar panels atop a new open-sided greenhouse that will be busy this spring with 100 workers cleaning, tagging and packing 2,200 varieties of nursery plants for shipping to privately owned garden centers, wholesalers and landscape contractors throughout the Northeast.

Before cutting a silky green ribbon to mark the occasion, Sellew credited the partnership of federal and state agencies, including the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Connecticut Resource Conservation and Development Area, the Connecticut Farm Energy Program and the state Department of Agriculture, with helping make the project happen.

Sitting atop a two-acre concrete pad, the metal-frame greenhouse was built with a $600,000 USDA grant and $1.6 million of the farm’s own funds, Sellew said. The panels will produce 240 kilowatts of electricity, or about 296,600 kilowatts annually, said Eric Virkler, project manager for Earthlight, the Ellington-based company that designed the greenhouse and installed the panels.

While some of the power produced by the panels will be used for lights and conveyor belts inside the greenhouse, most will be sent to a nearby inverter building, where it will be distributed to the rest of the farm, Virkler said.

One of the unique aspects of the design, he said, is that half the roof is covered with polycarbonate sheets that allow light into the structure, while the other half are metal sheets that can support the weight of the panels.

Amanda Fargo-Johnson, program coordinator for the Connecticut Farm Energy Program, said the Pride’s Corner solar project is the second largest renewable energy project supported by the organization, but more are in the works. The energy program, part of the USDA, provided technical assistance for the project.

Among speakers at the brief ceremony was Emily Boushee, spokeswoman for Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn. She praised the new greenhouse as a facility that will improve efficiency for workers by providing a shaded space protected from the rain, while also producing renewable power.

Rep. Joe Courtney, D-2nd District, said the project is one of many examples of how solar energy is growing in Connecticut.

“Connecticut is never going to drill for oil or mine coal, but we have a burgeoning solar industry,”

he said.


SB 1304: Florida Black Bears

A simple bill for protecting our Black Bears


Number #1

(Saw-palmetto berries).

Stop our Florida Government from selling the bear’s habitants

(The Ocala National Forest to the highest bidder)!


Number #2


Stop our Florida Government

from selling and destroying

the Black Bear


many other animals’

only food source!



Restock their natural food source!


Last but by no mean Least,



(A bill into law for a massive fine for every violator)!

SB 1304: Florida Black Bears


Chuck O’Neal to try again at black bear protection bill ……try-black-bear-protection-bill-linda-stewart

Chuck O’Neal

to try again at black bear protection bill with Linda Stewart. Larry Griffin January 13, 2017, 4:56 pm … new media platform covering campaigns …

Senator Linda Stewart,

District 13 — Press Release


February 28, 2017

CONTACT: Ali Akin Kurnaz, 850-487-5013

Senator Linda Stewart Files Black Bear Act that Protects Wildlife, Restores Habitats

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – State Senator Linda Stewart (D-Orlando) on Tuesday filed comprehensive legislation to protect Florida black bears and preserve their habitat. Senate Bill 1304, which has been called the Florida Black Bear Habitat Restoration Act, also establishes a fund for local governments for the purchase of bear resistant garbage containers.

“At a time when Florida’s native black bears are facing several threats to their habitat, it is our obligation to ensure the preservation of the iconic species as well as the safety of our neighborhoods,” said Stewart. “Today, we are setting out to do just that.”

Senate Bill 1304 is a companion bill to House Bill 491, which has been introduced in the Florida House of Representatives by Rep. Amy Mercado (D-Orlando).

“By protecting Florida black bear habitats and their food sources, we in turn limit bear-human conflicts and ultimately are closer to ensuring the public’s safety,” said Mercado.

Sen. Linda Stewart


Rep. Amy Mercado

will be joined by the

President of Speak Up Wekiva Chuck O’Neal

to announce the new legislation at a press event on Wednesday, March 1, 2017. The announcement will take place at 1:00 PM at Lake Eola Park in Orlando by the red pagoda by North Eola Drive.

“This bill addresses many of the problems that are driving Florida black bears from public forests and into neighboring subdivisions,” said O’Neal. “In order to reverse that exodus, we must stop destroying their habitat.”


Black Bear Bill Amy Mecardo and Linda Stewart

Bill would block bear hunts, address habitat

By News Service of Florida

Posted: 7:57 PM, February 28, 2017Updated: 7:57 PM, February 28, 2017


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