The State of Florida is on Fire!

The State of Florida is on Fire!

Don’t worry,

It’s not because of Climate Change,

because there is no such a thing.

Half of Florida is burning


the fires are still in charge.


No rain is in site for

at the very least

a week.

Florida weather people

have never seen it this bad!

Brush fire smoke could cause road closures all week

Laurie K Blandford ,

Florida Today April 10, 2017


is the most trusted weather people,

among many other things,

in the world.

NOAA, Every

Weather People,

Every Scientist


Every person willing to tell the truth,

knows that

our Climate is Changing

and that

‘We Humans’

have been helping to speed this along



Climate Change Stupid

People like this

‘New Guy in the Whitehouse’


The governor of Florida


Climate Change Stupid

know this

and do not care about anything except

“The Money into their pockets!”

Crews continue to battle brush fires across South Florida


Published March 06, 2017

Brush fire smokes out I-Drive in Orlando

Florida Today April 7, 2017


Central Florida News


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