Florida’s in a drought

Florida’s in a drought

The State of Florida has its Floridian Home Owners, in a (Water Ban) once again.

In other words, Homeowners cannot wash their cars, water their lawns, wash clothing UN-less it is a full load, wash their dishes UN-less it is a full load.


While driving to and from work, grocery shopping, or traveling around commercial places like, all of the Florida Attractions like Disney World, (The Villages), Golf courses, hotels, motel, camping areas, or town green ways, needing to close windows or get a shower from ‘runaway sprinklers!

Because no commercial business is ever in a ‘Water Ban in Florida, why?

Because commercial businesses are owned by Florida Government Officials that’s why!



It has nothing to do with the ‘Climate Changing.’

It is just that “Florida ran out of Rain.”

Weather Plus

Just in:

Florida’s drought may mean mandatory water cutbacks soon

April 13, 2017

The South Florida Water Management District’s governing board approved a water shortage order this morning that puts counties on alert that mandatory cutbacks may be necessary.

About 34 percent of Florida is now in a severe drought with an additional 35 percent either in moderate drought or abnormally dry.



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