Child Falls From 2nd Story Window in Opa-Locka

It’s not my fault, I am not a stupid freeloader!

I just want to sue the owner of the building.

Mother placed her child next to an open window with only a removable screen between him and the ground.


It was the fault of the Manager of the Building.

Two year old fell from a 2nd floor window in OpaLocka Florida

A family friend told NBC 6 that the reason why the baby fell through the window was because she has a broken air conditioning unit.

“No AC! It’s uninhabitable. You come here and you don’t want to stay here. Trust me, it’s hell. I ain’t do nothing to my baby.”

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However, the landlord at the building says that’s not true, painting a very different picture.

“I feel that this is highly suspect,” said George Howard, the landlord. “If anyone has an AC problem,  all they have to do is come down to our management and get forms to sign up and management will attend to it immediately.”

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The manager also claims they haven’t paid rent for a year.

“That’s not true,” said Paul Embury, the building manager, “We have a lot of complaints in this building because we are evicting 22 of the 48 residents who many have not paid rent for a year.”


Child Falls From 2nd Story Window in Opa-Locka | NBC 6 South Florida

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