Florida’s newest trick on Floridians

Florida is now installing a vast number of

’round a bout’s’

through-out the state.

I know that many,

if not most of my followers

are laughing about this.

I remember round a bout’s

back in the early 60s

(that’s the 1960’s for my funny friends).


I have been warning you for over twenty years now that, For the most part my friends

“This Is Florida don’t ya know!”


For those of us that are able to read

and/or see,

here goes a little help from a new Floridian.

Florida drivers

cannot seem to be able to drive on anything,

let alone a ‘Round A-Bout’!

Rules and regulations about Florida’s round about?

Watch A Video Of Single-lane Roundabouts. – Video Results


Roswell Single Lane Roundabout


How to drive a one lane simple roundabout


Two Lanes Entering a One Lane Roundabout


Antilock School of Motoring – How to Master…Single Lane 4 Exit Roundabouts


How to use a roundabout | video


Traffic in Single Lane Roundabout, Southlake, Texas




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