Florida Government/Free Country is an oxymoron

People Squawk but Money Talks
For years, this state (Florida),

overrides the decisions of the voting citizens wishes
(For Money in their Pocketbooks)

Now it is happening ever more often on anything or everything!

We, in this state

are building on our Wetlands,

almost every day


polluting our waters.


No one in our government

cares about

our children/Grandchildren’s future!
Only money in their pockets!
Florida Government/Free Country is an oxymoron

Florida: House member want legislature to have power to override “activist” court decisions by 2/3rds vote; several other states considered similar moves
A plan to allow the Florida legislature to override any state court decisions that strike a “legislative act” as unconstitutional has been prefiled for the 2017 session.
HJR 121 provides
Any law, resolution, or other legislative act declared void by the supreme court, district court of appeal, circuit court, or county court of this state may be deemed active and operational, notwithstanding the court’s ruling, if agreed to by the legislature pursuant to a resolution adopted by a two-thirds vote of each house within five years after the date that the ruling becomes final. Such resolution is exempt from section 8 of this article and shall take effect immediately upon passage.
Section 8 refers to the governor’s power to sign or veto bills, thus the governor would have no role in the legislative override process.
The proponent has posted on own website that the rationale for the proposal, and a similar one urging Congress to enact a federal 2/3rds override plan, is to “curtail the tendency of activist judges to manipulate the law to suit their political views and agendas.”
This isn’t the first such proposal introduced in recent years, but it broader than most which usually only target only the state’s supreme court such as Montana SB 334 of 2009, New Jersey ACR 118 and the companion SCR 63 both of 2008, and Wyoming’s HJR 7 of 2016.
Florida: Senate now has its own constitutional amendment to allow legislature to override “activist judges” by 2/3rds voteFebruary 23, 2017In “Jurisdiction”
Florida Amendment 5 & New Hampshire CACR 26: Giving legislatures more power over judicial rulemaking August 30, 2012In “Election 2012”
Watchdogs decry Constitution Revision Commission’s proposed rules
Michael Moline
May 15, 2017, 2:13
Proposed rules for the Constitution Revision Commission could let members deliberate in secret, limit public participation, bottle up ideas in committee, or bog down debating proposals with little support, government watchdog groups warned Monday.
Sixteen organizations, including the League of Women Voters, Common Cause, Florida Consumer Action Network, and unions, including Florida AFL-CIO, critiqued the proposed rules in a letter to the commission’s rules committee.
If you lie to the government it is a Felony.
It the government lies to you it is politics.
If #45 lies—-it is for the pocket (His)!


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