Human Waste Dumped Near Florida Springs

In the news once again (Monday July 24th 2017)
Have you ever really listen to the reporter

each time something drastic happened

in your state or country?
No matter what is it, it is not ‘harmful to humans’!

How our government in Florida is

systematically polluting

our drinking, swimming and fishing water

in exchange for money in their pockets!
I have been writing about

a common sense solution

to this


other polluting problems

since my first computer

back in 1983!
This is just two of them.

Alternatives zero waste.
One plant fits all

Silver Springs Florida polluted with human waste
Human Waste Dumped Near Florida Springs
By Erin Elizabeth –
April 27, 2017
There are 83 sites,


the Department of Environmental Protection

has allowed landowners to dump “Class B” waste,
(Rated due to how much bacteria and heavy metals it contains after treatment).
Throughout the state, 98,000 tons of it were dumped, over 82,503 acres

in 2013 alone.
We don’t have updated number for 2014-present.
Of the active sites,
Eight are in an Outstanding Florida Waters basin
(The state supposedly prohibits liquid wastewater discharges),
24 are in the Springs Protection Area,

where rainwater quickly flows underground

to recharge the aquifer system

and drinking water supply,
44 are in a basin that drains directly into a stream, canal or lake. Still, others are a mixture of the three.

This is insanity.


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