Lawmakers introduce bill to ban ‘Bump Stock’


So, the NRA did not disband yet, well keep praying!
Lawmakers introduce bill’s to ban ‘Bump Stock’

Carlos Cubelo a republican from Florida on the ways and means committee
Rep Seth Moulton a democrat from Massachusetts are introducing this bill to the ‘House of Representatives’.

NRA says it supports “additional regulations” on bump stock gun device, giving boost to Feinstein bill.
Senator Dianne Feinstein’s bill is for the Senate.


NRA is telling

(their congress)


“Throw the country a Bone”


Make a law to dump the (Bump Stock) it is just peanuts in our pockets, we do not use it anyway.
Just act while talking to the mania as to what a tremendous sacrifice

These are members of the House and Senate that have taken money from the NRA







Simi Tractor Tailor flipped over in Florida

Simi Tractor Tailor flipped over on I 4 West Bound

Another unstable 18 wheeler driver stops traffic in Florida

which should be giving our unions

tons of free ads to unionize our truck companies


save trucks, products and lives!
Where in gods name are the ‘Union Representatives?
And the words of Forrest Gump are
Stupid is as Stupid Does!
Ted Noah WESH 2 News Breaking news.#BreakingNews update – #I4 w/b is closed in
#DowntownOrlando, just past 408. Jack-knifed semi with possible fuel spill. 3 Mile backup.
Simi Tractor Tailor flipped over on I 4 West Bound in Orlando Florida around exit to the 408