Filling propane tanks requires a license

Filling propane tanks requires a license

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In a real state, only a licensed person can fill LPG (Liquefies petroleum Gas), Tanks!
Florida Laws and Incentives for Propane
Filling propane tanks requires a license
Or does it?
Apparently not in Florida?

Orlando paramedic offers a home for Christmas after family’s RV destroyed in fire
By: Mike Manzoni
Dec 22, 2017 – 11:19 PM
An Orlando paramedic who responded to an RV fire at a U-Haul store on South Orange Blossom Trail has opened up his home to the family of eight who were left homeless for Christmas when the vehicle was destroyed.
Orlando Fire Department paramedic Scott Butschek said
there was a large plume of smoke pouring out of the RV when he responded Friday afternoon.
new video of fire that engulfed an RV with a family of eight inside.

Gov Rick Scott

on yet another trip that will waste more taxpayer money

and as usual, not only accomplish nothing

he will bring back with him companies

that will pork the state as did so many others that he bragged about in his past!

The Florida Supreme Court rejected an attempt by Gov. Rick Scott to remove Justice Barbara Pariente from a case that could determine the shape of the state’s highest court for decades.
The issue is particularly inflaming to Palestinians, who would see a move of the embassy as a provocation and a signal that the United States would then no longer be pursuing a two-state solution.
The issue in the case is whether Scott or his successor will have the power to make the appointments — an issue that could shape the balance of the court for years.