Backwards state moving forward?

Florida one of the Backwards state moving forward, or is it?

In 2011 by Gov. Rick Scott his the Cabinet

and the Republican-dominated Legislature

either quashed or ignored the efforts.

Measure to Restore Voting Rights to 1.5 Million Florida Felons

Goes on November Ballot
It’ll be called Amendment 4.

(Jamelle Bouie)
More than 1.5 million Floridians now unable to participate in elections would automatically have their voting rights restored, under a proposed constitutional amendment that will go before voters in November.
The restoration of felons’ rights has long been controversial in Florida, with critics of the state’s process comparing it to post-Civil War Jim Crow policies designed to keep blacks from casting ballots.
A system approved in 2011 by Gov. Rick Scott and the Cabinet required felons convicted of nonviolent crimes to wait a minimum of five years to have their rights restored, while others could wait up to 10 years before being eligible to apply. Backers of the process have argued that the restoration of voting rights for felons should be earned and only after a sufficient waiting period.
Meade, a convicted felon and law-school graduate who struggled for years to have his rights restored, spearheaded the campaign, largely bankrolled by the American Civil Liberties Union and other big donors.
Black state legislators have tried repeatedly to change state law to allow the automatic restoration of rights. But the Republican-dominated Legislature either quashed or ignored the efforts.
FlaglerLive | January 23, 2018
The “Voting Restoration Amendment,” which was approved Tuesday to appear on the ballot as Amendment 4, would automatically restore voting rights to felons who have served their sentences, completed parole or probation and paid restitution. Murderers and sex offenders would be excluded.
Floridians for a Fair Democracy, the political committee behind the petition drive, this week surpassed the requisite 766,200 signatures to put the proposed amendment on the November ballot.
“Voters took matters in their own hands to ensure that their fellow Floridians, family members and friends who’ve made past mistakes, served their time and paid their debts to society are given a second chance and the opportunity to earn back their ability to vote,” Desmond Meade, chairman of the political committee, said in a prepared statement.
If approved by 60 percent of voters, as required for all constitutional amendments, the change would bring Florida in line with nearly every other state in the nation.
The November Election means (To late to change the Florida Congress) and Scott will not be governor. Heaven help Floridians and the country if he is a senator! one of the


Tractor – Trailer versus Tree

How many time have I been reporting (un-necessary 6, 10 ad/or 18 wheeler accidents)?
Well, this time I was a first hand witness and first to help the driver.
When is it past time for control of our truck traffic in this country?
Tractor – Trailer versus Tree in Lake County Florida on 44 just before the St Johns River Bridge.
Florida 44 Eastbound

Leaving Lake County 42, Florida 44 draws to within five miles of DeLand. Photo taken 05/12/08.
No one died, no injuries, so no media reporting!
If this driver, for whatever reasons, did not pull off the road.
Because if he did not this family and about a dozen other vehicles would not be with you today!
We were all stopped at the bridge and we were car number 6 of about 12, when this truck hit that big Oak Tree feet from my passenger side window, doing in access of 60 miles per, without hitting his air brake or any other brake!
To top this off, we were forced to leave the scene by a big black pickup truck on our P.T Cruiser bumper, revving his engine and blasting his horn!
Did this pickup cause the accident?
No one will ever know!
Tractor – Trailer versus Tree, who loses?
Actually both!
The tractor is a total loss, but the tree was moved a few feet, so it will also die sooner or later.
We are alive!
Union Drivers cannot be pressured into driving reckless or be fired to meet a companies quoter or timeline!