Governor, you do not own Tallahassee

Governor, you do not own Tallahassee, it belongs to the citizens of Florida!
We the people do not work for you. You work for ‘We the People’!
You have, I am sure as usual, stacked the meeting room with ‘yes people,’ Floridians need honest caring people at the meeting!
Matthew 19:14
Matthew 18:3
Luke 18:15-17
Why should our Young Students, ‘Future governors, senators, representatives, and presidents’
be allowed at the meeting, because it is not ‘your meetings’!
You governor, work for the taxpaying public and their parents pay your enormous salary because we are the taxpaying public!
We the adults in this country cannot be trusted.
Because far too many of us are Dummkopf!
The ‘Future governors, senators, representatives, and presidents’ have no lobbyist throwing money at them, are not beholding to companies like the ‘Koch Brothers’ and ‘the NRA’ and most of all they want ‘real change’ in this country, you do not!