Get to the truth Mr.Scott

REJECTED EXPANSION Get to the truth Mr.Scott
Florida Gov. Rick Scott if you really want what’s best for your Floridians and the citizens of the country,

forget about Zip codes and Term limits for now

and give the state and the country

a better Obamacare as promised.
One that is not stacked to you and the rest of the millionaires and billionaires in the country.
You remember don’t you?

The rest of the voting public, their friends, neighbors and their families!
Why not just run on your record in Florida and Illinois now and change Term Limits later?
Oh, you are right, better not run on your record!
Scott, one of Trump’s earliest backers, has been one of the most vocal supporters of repealing Obamacare.
He met with President-elect Trump and Health and Human Services Department nominee Tom Price in December where he said he was excited to finally have an ally in the White House on health care.
Earlier this month, he penned a letter to House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy urging Congress to repeal Obamacare as soon as possible.
“For far too long, it has been fashionable in Washington to say Obamacare can only be tweaked,”
wrote Scott.
While he didn’t address the gap if the law is repealed without an immediate replacement, he said he wants more flexibility with state Medicaid programs, the requirement to have health insurance removed and more cross-state insurance plans.
Yes I know that you have heard this many times before.
So, here it is once again!
Rick Scott, who ran a company involved in the nation’s largest Medicare fraud case,

now wants to be Florida’s Senator
May 20, 2010|By Sally Kestin, Sun Sentinel
He must be thinking about his type of Medicare and Medicaid from his time in Illinois to the whole country!

Kentucky has turned into the place where Obamacare repeal rhetoric meets Obamacare repeal reality. Reality is winning.


Scott made his fortune in health care.

Florida economy in Rick Scott era: Success story or disappointment
Scott made his fortune in health care.
He led the Columbia/HCA hospital company before it forced him out amid an investigation into federal health care fraud.
Scott was never charged in the case, but the company paid a then-record $1.7 billion fine.
Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s healthcare math doesn’t add up
Posted By
Christine Sexton, News Service of Florida
“I would say that Governor Scott’s Medicaid numbers should be carefully and independently analyzed,” said Joan Alker, executive director of the Georgetown University Center for Children and Families who has extensively studied Florida’s Medicaid program. “I certainly regard them with a healthy degree of skepticism.”
Scott, who is running this year for U.S. Senate, made his fortune in health care and understands its many nuances. He led the Columbia/HCA hospital company before it forced him out amid an investigation into federal health care fraud. Scott was never charged in the case, but the company paid a then-record $1.7 billion fine.
Health advocates blast $98 million Medicaid cut proposed by Florida lawmakers
By Christine Sexton, News Service of Florida
Pharmacy panel criticizes Florida lawmakers over flu tests
Posted By Christine Sexton, News Service of Florida on Tue, Apr 3, 2018
During the legislative session that ended last month, lawmakers failed to pass a proposal (SB 524) that would have authorized pharmacists, who have established written protocols with physicians and maintain $200,000 in professional liability insurance, to test and treat for influenza virus and streptococcal infections.
The Food and Drug Administration has approved more than 10 rapid diagnostic tests to screen for influenza, and the tests can provide results within 15 minutes, according to a legislative staff analysis of the bill.
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How do you spell CORRUPT? RICK SCOTT!


How do you spell CORRUPT?
Trump Expected to Loom Over Nelson-Scott Senate Battle as Governor Announces Run
FlaglerLive | April 9, 201
Speculate no more. (Facebook and © FlaglerLive)
More than $100 million will likely be spent during the next seven months as two of Florida’s top elected officials go head-to-head in the mid-term contest for a spot in the U.S. Senate.
The long-anticipated contest in which Gov. Rick Scott will try to unseat U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson became official on Monday.
Key issues that could shape the contest include the mass shootings at Pulse nightclub in Orlando and at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland and hurricanes Irma and Maria.
But a third man not in the ring, President Donald Trump, is expected to play a pivotal role throughout the campaign.
Anonymous says:
April 10, 2018 at 9:33 am
Trump needs to stay clear of Scott….Scott plead the 5th like 75 times…he has failed us as Governor and for Trump to get behind Scott’s campaign would do him damage loosing him votes in 2020. I wouldn’t vote for Scott for dog catcher. Scott has known for months that he was going to run, he was too busy doing polls and putting his feelers out before he took the leap. Can’t wait for all the ads to come out showing Scott’s true character.
No, Mr. Scott we have not forgotten!
How do you spell CORRUPT? RICK SCOTT
palmcoaster says:
April 10, 2018 at 1:18 pm
Scott not match for our beloved former astronaut Senator Nelson!
knightwatch says:
April 10, 2018 at 11:44 am
If you elect Scott you’ll probably re-elect Trump. Neither deserves to hold public office because neither deserves public trust. Both need to go back into the private sector so they can renew their scams. Maybe they’ll get their just dues next time. Lock them up!

Water cut off at Palm Bay motel, leaving residents scrambling only again.

This is my state and I am embarrassed!
Water shut off with only one day notice!
Opinion needed?
Why is it that this INN is not questioned in at least every media in Florida?
Enough about (trump), get on with the news!
With the internet,
finding your question is easy,
is it not.
Or Is It?
This motel (INN) and its owners are nowhere to be found on the internet, Why is this do you suppose?
You can book them for a room however?
(Trip advisor)?
As seen on WESH 2 News Sunrise.

Water cut off at Palm Bay motel, leaving residents scrambling only again.
No water, and no place to go.
Finding out why an ‘INN’ in Florida, not a ‘hotel, motel or shack, an ‘INN’ for people around the world to come to see Florida, is a disgraceful eyesore, allowed to stay open?
This has been going on for years.
What’s up with this?

First, try to find this mysterious ‘South Florida Realtor Owner of this INN’?
People at a Brevard County motel have been paying their bills, but now, they have been told to leave.
Several families in Brevard County had just a few hours to find a new place to stay.
Residents said they were given one day to pack what they own and leave the property.
WESH 2’s Matt Lupoli found out their hotel is abruptly shutting down, leaving many of them homeless.
Tropical Inn Palm Bay
81 reviews
4700 Dixie Hwy NE, Palm Bay, FL
Tropical Inn
51 reviews

Governor Rick Scott Appoints Joshua Harris to Florida Real Estate Appraisal Board
On March 26, 2015, in Recent Appointments, by Administrator
Today, Governor Rick Scott announced the appointment of Joshua Harris to the Florida Real Estate Appraisal Board.
Harris, 32, of Orlando, is the director of the Dr. P. Phillips Institute for Research and Education in Real Estate for the University of Central Florida College of Business Administration. He succeeds Christopher Sante and is appointed for a term beginning March 26, 2015, and ending October 31, 2017.
Gov. Scott Appoints JoAnn Rooney to Florida Real Estate Appraisal Board
On March 13, 2018, in Recent Appointments, by Staff
TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Today, Governor Rick Scott announced the appointment of JoAnn Rooney to the Florida Real Estate Appraisal Board.
JoAnn Rooney, 60, of Palm Harbor, is the branch manager for NFM Lending, Inc. She succeeds Joshua Harris and is appointed for a term beginning March 13, 2018, and ending October 31, 2021.

22 years Congress has been stymied by votes from the Republican Party

Florida Gov. Rick Scott Announces Senate Campaign
For the last 22 years the Democratic Party has been stymied by votes from the Republican Party in congress.
So, now our governor is going to run against the only working senator from Florida and change the constitution of the United States of America all by himself?
I don’t think so!
Or Senator Bill Nelson would have done so years ago!
This biggest procrastinator is also calling congress a group of old procrastinators?
Florida Governor Rick Scott delivers a speech on the third day of the Republican National Convention at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Oh., on July 20, 2016. Van Tine Dennis—Sipa USA/AP
By Associated Press 9:02 AM EDT
TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Calling Washington “horribly dysfunctional,” Florida Gov. Rick Scott is challenging U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson in an election that could be one of the most expensive and highly-watched races in the nation.
The Republican governor was expected to criticize “career politicians” and call for term limits for members of Congress while formally announcing his campaign on Monday.
“I admit that Washington is horribly dysfunctional,” said Scott in scripted remarks made available ahead of his announcement in Orlando.
“Washington is full of old thinking. Washington is tired. And the truth is, both political parties share some of the blame. They’ve tried a lot of things – it just didn’t work. But I will not accept the idea that we can’t change Washington.”
From 10/09/2009 until today 04/09/2018 the republican party had the democratic party hogtied and could do nothing in congress to help their constituates!
January 3, 2009 – January 3, 2011
59 Democrats
41 Republicans
House of Representatives:
255 Democrats
179 Republicans
January 3, 2011 – January 3, 2013
51 Democrats
47 Republicans
2 Independents
House of Representatives:
242 Republicans
193 Democrats
113th United States Congress – Wikipedia
January 3, 2013 – January 3, 2015
53 Democrats
45 Republicans
2 Independents
House of Representatives:
234 Republicans
201 January 3, 2015 – January 3, 2017
54 Republicans
44 Democrats
2 Independents
House of Representatives:
241 Republicans
194 Democrats
Jan 5, 2007 – Democrats took control of the House and Senate after 12 years of nearly unbroken Republican rule.
G.W. Bush had a slim Republican majority in the house until 2007 when the Democrats gain a 233-198 majority.
The Senate was split 50-50 at the beginning of his first term and 49-49-2 at the end of his second term. The democrat party had control of both the the House and Senate, starting January 4th, 2007, when the recession began. The democrats kept control until the voters chose the republican party to reclaim the House starting on January 3rd, 2011, after the first two years of Barack Obama’s presidency.

Floridians are wise to their “governor”!

Why Rick Scott will lose the U.S. Senate race against Bill Nelson
Just a few of the reason to at least make me feel better.
Floridians are wise to their “governor”!
The truth shell set you free!

Except for Fox News, everything is coming to the top about your governor!
(1), Disaster Management! (0)
(2), Gun Reform! (0)
(3), Rick Scott’s record as Florida governor! (0)
(4), The key issues! (0)
(5), Because of tough federal disclosure laws! (0)
(6), Florida has seen an unprecedented influx of new voters (True)!
(7), Rick Scott is a Historically Weak Vote-Getter! (True)!
(8), Rick Scott’s narrow electoral wins have been tied to Republican wave years! (0)
Rick Scott’s decision to run for U.S. Senate will go down as one of the biggest mistakes in recent Florida political history.
Scott’s two razor-thin wins were dependent on a base-first strategy that only works in Republican wave years.
Without backlash against the White House to rely on, Scott will no doubt resort to spending millions on negative ads!
But in 2010 and 2014,
after twice setting a record for spending in a Florida campaign,
Scott won the lowest number of votes of all the statewide Republicans on the ballot.
The pattern is clear:
even when Republicans have done well,
Rick Scott has struggled.
It is too early to tell if the Democratic wave in 2018 will be a surge or a tsunami,
but one thing is clear:
it will be too strong for Rick Scott to overcome.

Florida’s Burrowing Owl

This Ladies and Gentlemen is our Power Company!

This is our Owl
And thanks to over and careless construction of their homes, they are now a critically endangered Bird!

Nature’s Reflections – Florida’s Burrowing Owl
March 15, 2018
Category: Nature’s Reflections
A pint-sized owl that’s active both day and night
The burrowing owl (Athene cunicularia floridana)
is one of our smallest owls, standing just nine inches tall with a wingspan of 21 inches.
Unlike other owls, this owl is a ground dweller, preferring open fields and prairie-type areas well away from trees.
It spends most of its time on the ground foraging or guarding its burrow which is where it gets its name. Camouflaged brown plumage helps it blend into its surroundings.
It has bright yellow eyes, but no ear tufts and longer legs.
This raptor needs open fields and short, herbaceous ground cover, like pastures, golf courses, or agricultural fields.
It can be spotted during the daytime standing erect and on guard at the mouth of its burrow or perched on a fence post.
Once disturbed, the owl clucks or chatters its displeasure and bobs its head in agitation.
Burrowing owls often fly in a wavy, up and down fashion as if negotiating an invisible obstacle course.
It can also hover in mid-air – an effective technique used for capturing prey. Florida’s warm climate provides this owl with plenty of its favorite foods: grasshoppers, beetles, mole crickets, small rodents, earthworms, lizards, frogs, toads, snakes, etc.
In Florida, burrows are used year-round. While the owls sometimes use gopher tortoise or armadillo burrows, most pairs excavate their own, which may extend four to eight feet underground.
Burrows are lined with grass clippings, animal feces and decorative pieces of shell, feathers or trash.
Nesting begins in the fall and peaks in the spring. Four to ten unmarked white eggs are laid over a one-week period. Three to four weeks later, hatchlings are born covered with grayish-white down and eyes closed. Chicks emerge from the burrow after two weeks. Although proficient fliers at six weeks, chicks typically do not leave their parents until about 12 weeks old.
Both the eggs and young are at risk to predators, snakes, opossums, raccoons and skunks. Nests may be lost or
destroyed by construction activities, malicious destruction by people, or by flooding during heavy rains. This owl is classified as “Threatened” by the Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission primarily due to the loss of native habitat. Burrowing owls and their eggs are protected from harassment and/or disturbance by state law and protected by the federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act.
Column & photos by Sandi Staton –
Read the full Nature’s Reflections article in the April 2018 SECO News online.
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