Who will be Florida’s next governor?

Well let’s check and see if we can get an idea?
Remember only Floridian Voters for Florida’s Governor of now.
I have two in my (Bucket List)!

We have two front-runners in the Republican Party both with questionable records.
One pushed on you by your president.
Guess what that means?
One pushed on you by a very pushy Cop in uniform always a question for me, how about you?
Same reason.
If you have been following them you will understand.
On the Democratic Party side we have the two billionaire front-runners.
One a republican reject that once ran as a republican and lost ‘Big Time.’
Is now running as a democrat, as are a few others!
And the other with the same old ads as to what is wrong with the state without a way to truly pay for a permanent fix
(Same old political tricks)?
A third is running on daddy’s reputation because she has none of her own as yet, give her some more time.
One an African-American, got my vote just for running in Florida!
And last but by far, not the least, someone telling Floridians what is wrong with the state and showing how to fix it.
With about 40 years of doing just that, fixing problems along side of his mother and father, doing it right for the past 40 years!
Plus while helping the helpless Floridians.
However, not enough money to stay in the hunt!
How Sad!
This is also the same old story; the best candidates cannot keep up the spending because of the front-runners with their backers.
Backers that have their own interests in helping the front-runners?
You can bet that it is not to help Floridians or anyone else!
My (Bucket List)
Mayor Philip Levine (the billionaire) and Chris King with the family that has already been working for Florida.
Media never writes this into their equation while pushing that ‘Truth Meter’



Is Adam Putnam’s office under review?

If not, why not?

If any sports team does not produce, the owners fire manages and the coach!
Is NRA Lobbyist Adam Putnam’s office under review?
Does Florida really want an incompetent person as governor?
Adam Putnam’s office stopped reviewing concealed weapons background checks for a year because it couldn’t log in
A state investigation found that the lapse covered a period that included the biggest spike in permit applications in Florida history.
For more than a year, the state of Florida failed to review national background checks on tens of thousands of applications for concealed weapons permits, potentially allowing drug addicts or people with a mental illness to carry firearms in public.
A previously unreported Office of Inspector General investigation found that in February 2016 the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services stopped using the results from an FBI crime database called the National Instant Criminal Background Check System that ensures applicants who want to carry a gun do not have a disqualifying history in other states.

During that time, which coincided with the June 12, 2016 shooting at Pulse nightclub that left 50 dead, the state saw an unprecedented spike in applications for concealed weapons permits. There were 134,000 requests for permits in the fiscal year ending in June 2015. The next 12 months broke a record, 245,000 applications, which were topped again in 2017 when the department received 275,000 applications.
Adam Putnam’s office inspected that Roller coaster several times since its opening in 2013.
Daytona Beach roller coaster was inspected hours before derailment, state official says
Central Florida News

You know the old saying?

You know the old saying?
Money talks and Bull#### Walks!
Will it is about to happen to the Democratic Party in Florida, God Help Floridians, for the most part our woman!
Millionaire Democrat Philip Levine running for governor is leading the pack only because of his money!
With the gubernatorial field beginning to take shape, Democrats should be asking themselves whether they really want a nominee whose temperament draws comparisons to that of Donald Trump.
And in a bizarre moment at Barry University his stunned a room full of Cuban-Americans by suggesting the U.S. should consider invading Cuba, and that it
“would probably take 24 hours at best.”
This millionaire Democrat also is making headlines with words like
“tirade” (a long, angry speech of criticism or accusation).
“flies off handle”
because of his
(off-the-cuff remarks and juvenile posts on social media Tweeter).
To me there appears to be only two people still in the running to be the next governor of Florida?
Both running without a background in Politics.
Is that a good thing or a bad thing in the world today?
 Now, now think about it?

The republicans are busy doing their
‘republican thing’,
pointing out the skeletons in each others closets and/or back stabbing and lying and half truths about each other!
My two picks will never make it because of the money factor and little to no political time in the job.
Oh Wait!
Shouldn’t that be a plus for voting?
Chris King running for governor of Florida
Gwen Graham running for governor of Florida
Gwen Graham can ping off of her dad if or when the need arises.
Governor Robert (Bob) Graham
This also goes for Chris King with both mom and dad (David and Marilyn King), because both have a great record serving Florida and her people!
Marilyn King, served 27 years as a board member, including two terms as chair, of Orlando’s premier health organization, Orlando Health. Marilyn was also the founding Chair of Grace Medical Home, a not-for-profit medical facility that serves those without affordable health care.
Chris served on both the Board of Grace Medical Home and on the Foundation Board of Orlando Health.
 David King Fair Districts 

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My opinion about Mother Earth and her creations. I sometimes write, without an apology; about the end time Evil in our land today!

Where is the Justice in Florida’s Politics?

Orlando police Chief John Mina is not allowed to campaign while in uniform?
By: Karla Ray
Updated: Mar 13, 2018 – 11:40 AM

However Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd while in uniform can push Florida voters for Adam Putnam?
Where is the justice in a corrupt state like Florida?
This is Adam Putnam’s newest ad to become governor of Florida?
Polk County Bartow Florida Sheriff Grady Judd
Grady Judd lends immigration tough talk to Adam Putnam for ad
The outspoken Polk County Sheriff says under Putnam, illegal immigrants who commit crimes will be held accountable and deported.
Central Florida News
I write, without an apology; Because of the end time Evil in our land lately!

The Fish Eagle – Master of the Catch

Nature’s Reflections – Florida Osprey
MAY 01, 2018
The Fish Eagle – Master of the Catch

The osprey (Pandion haliaetus), Florida’s fish eagle, gets its name from the Latin word for sea eagle. These eagle-like birds of prey catch fish with impeccable precision and finesse. Measuring 21 to 24 inches in length, ospreys have long, pointed wings spanning six feet. The head, throat and undersides are white; the back, nape, tail and back of the head are dark brown with a black stripe located behind the eye. Ospreys have a conspicuous crook in the wing and a black “wrist” mark in flight which differentiates it from the Bald Eagle. Its usual call is a loud, whistle: chewk-chewk-chewk.
Found throughout the world except in polar regions, northern ospreys migrate to warmer climates. A year-round Florida resident, ospreys are often sighted near large lakes and rivers.
Feeding almost exclusively on fish, ospreys capture a meal by nose diving into the water. Its feet are built to grasp and hold fish. Ospreys’ reversible outer toe can rotate and extend to the foot’s rear to grasp its prey with two front toes and two back toes by plunging its strong, hooked claws to grip either side of its prey.
Osprey pairs breed at three years, and build a bulky nest of collected sticks and debris including seaweed, bones, driftwood, corn stalks and trash. It is a little smaller than a Bald Eagle’s nest. Ospreys have a fondness for high trees, towers and utility poles near the water’s edge and usually not far from where it was born.
Both parents incubate the clutch of two to three white, buff/pink eggs for 35 days. The young fledge at eight to ten weeks.
Ospreys are not neat carpenters; the large nests often appear on SECO pole crossarms. Nests, debris and often ospreys come in contact with electric lines resulting in power outages and possibly the bird’s death. During rain, or when nest material is wet, the damp material conducts electricity to the nest site.
Strictly following the requirements and limitations of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, SECO exercises extreme care to protect these birds and their offspring by installing fiberglass nesting dishes to keep ospreys’ stick-built homes away from power lines in heavily osprey populated areas.
By placing the birds and nests out of harm’s way, SECO aids the survival of a protected species and helps prevent unexpected disruptions to your electric service. Ospreys enjoy having this secure nest and members enjoy watching the birds raise their families.
Installing nesting dishes near active osprey breeding sites is one of several initiatives to help protect our environment and the creatures that live within it.
Visit SECO’s YouTube channel to see osprey nest protection in action at the Dead River in Tavares.

Column & photos by Sandi Staton – sandi.staton@gmail.com