Natural Gas, and bottled Gas does not smell!

Natural Gas, and bottled (Propane LP for that matter), does not smell!
Why is it, in the last few years there seems to be an epidemic of
‘Gas Explosions?

Am I trying to scare you?
You bet your life I am,
because it can cause
you, you’re family, you’re friends (ME), and neighbors

Over pressurized line explosion

Images of images a natural gas explosion
Under what pressure is the natural gas coming into Florida?
(Liquid Natural Gas), as much as
1.1 billion cubic feet of natural gas,
or enough to fill the Superdome in New Orleans nearly 10 times with the gaseous fossil fuel.
Pumping all that gas through a pipe 36 inches wide
will require a network of factory-like compressor stations
to maintain a pressure of as much as
1,456 pounds per square inch.
Even without a spark of ignition, that tremendous pressure alone is capable of blowing a pipe apart.
Chemicals; Methanethiol /ˈmɛθeɪnˈθaɪɒl/ (also known as methyl mercaptan) is an organosulfur compound, chemicals must be added to gas under pressure for it to stink.

Just for your record,
“If you smell it get out;
Do not stop for anything Get Out”
And for heaver sake, do not smoke or touch any switches!
Scream for humans to quickly follow, grab your children and pets and move out!

Florida government officials are forcing Natural Gas Pipe-lines into and around Florida, how careful and are all of these pipes and fitting safe under extreme pressure?

Do these companies use the correct amount of Methanethiol?

What if, Ethyl Mercaptan is added?

The Dangers of Ethyl Mercaptan

What if, hydrogen sulfide gas is still used?
Under what pressure in the natural gas coming into Florida?

40 years of working with this stink,

I would like to part ways of old age?


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