I wasn’t going to do this however? This is Florida you know! When I first started visiting this state some years ago I notices that whenever something strange turned my head while talking with a Floridian, I would get this same look and the same statement without an explanation? “This is Florida don’t you know”? The first dozen or so times I just let it pass. Now after more than 20 years later,  ’I get it’! However, if you have ever seen the movie, City Slickers? Like Curly (Jack Palance) said, “You have to find it out for yourself” http://movies.msn.com/movies/movie/city-slickers/


Guess What? If you live in Florida, at least in Central Florida and someone drives into your driveway twice, as well as everyone else’s driveway, demand to see someone you do not know and do not believe it to be a real name without a last name, even if that person is wearing a, black hooey sweater with a hood, N Y baseball hat, not from New York, Virginia license expired, has a Florida plate with another state license (expired), he gets to drive away if the police you called for help, did not see him drive away after they leave?
Will he come back later?
Who knows?
Will we be alive tomorrow?
The police seem to not care!
I have seen in the news, while a person was sitting in the driver’s seat with the key in the ignition with a state valid license and, for whatever reason, the police check on the car, a drunk driver goes to jail!
A driver without a valid license, can keep on driving?
Did anyone of them even check his car?
This un-known man refused to go ½ mile to the post office for help, and still the three police men were of no concern?

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