Red Tide has been coming to Florida since 1844

However, humans have been putting Sewer, trash, oil, gas, fertilizer, Blah, blah, blah, blah into it ever since human came onto Mother Earth!
Now we have Blue and green algae adding to it also,
pollution from humans! Scientists:
Lake Okeechobee runoff may enhance red tide
Mote scientists and an agricultural leader say there is no single cause or solution for red tide.
The first reporting of Red Tide in Florida
was 174 years ago!
We know what ‘Red Tide is,
what we want is for you all to stop talking
start fighting it!
Bla, bla, bla, bla, bla.
Red Tide has been coming to Florida since 1844.
However, humans have been putting Sewer, trash, oil, gas, fertilizer, Blah, blah, blah, blah into it ever since human came onto Mother Earth!
Now we have Blue and green algae adding to it also,
pollution from humans!
My Great Granddaughter knows what is needed to clean up our beaches and the Gulf of Mexico.
scientist and politicians will never do anything to help
because there is no profit in the solution,
only money leaving their pockets
not into their pockets!
We need to clean the polluted, Red Tide, Blue Algae, Green Algae(People) from congress and the White house!
I said it before and I will always be saying it again and again,
we need to clone ‘Senator Bill Nelson’ and fill congress with
‘servants of the people’,
not a congress that
‘believing that people are to serve them’!
Please compare the last two political ads for Senator Bill Nelson
compare them to
the latest ads from Rick Scott?

I rest my case!


Voting Day in Lake County Florida

Voting Day in Lake County Florida
I am willing to bet pay-check to pay-check that no ‘Republican’ at least in ‘Lake-county’ is forces to vote ‘Democrat?
Don’t worry, I already know the answer and I will win!
You will lost because I already know the answer!
Creator and my ancestors are watching so I will not and cannot take your money!
Early voting anyway
Did you all get your ‘Sample Ballot’?
I am voting Democrat—DUH!

This is how to get elected to office in any ‘Red State’ like ‘Florida’!
Florida, at least in Lake County, forces ‘Democrats’ to vote for ‘Republicans!’
I tried to check out Republican Sean M. Parks
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The ‘Florida Democratic Party’ is allowing this!
I am willing to bet pay-check to pay-check that no ‘Republican’ at least in ‘Lake-county’ is forces to vote ‘Democrat?
You can leave those ‘Republicans’ in the running as blank,
(If you dare, hint-hint)! 

Here is a few samples of why!

If I did not, who would be voting against ‘Gary Cooney’?
You ‘brag’ about backing a ‘Nazi loving’, ‘White supremest’, ‘Women hating,’ ‘Female abuser,’ ‘Over weight Slob,’ and also the backing of a ‘sly,’ ‘greedy,’ lying,’ Government official’!

Gary Cooney Announces Candidacy for Lake County Clerk
Appointment Letter from Governor Rick Scott
Gary Cooney Announces Candidacy for Lake County Clerk Senior Chief Deputy Clerk Gary Cooney with the Lake County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office has announced that he is running for Clerk after Republican Neil Kelly announced his retirement this week. Mr. Cooney said in a statement, “with the pending retirement of my friend, mentor, and boss, Neil Kelly, and after much discussion
Newest ad about Jeff Green
Republican Jeff Green 100% behind Donald Trump, as a Democrat a clip supposing that he is sparring with Donald Trump.
So, what will Independent Jeff Green be saying while in the run for president?

Toxic algae problems impacting election-year politics

Days After Criticism From Sen. Nelson,

Governor Declares

Emergency Over

Algae Outbreak

Toxic algae problems impacting election-year politics

Wouldn’t this algae problem be placed on the shoulders of Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam
the governor of Florida for not doing their job?
Governor Pass the Buck Rick’ is trying to blame Senator Bill Nelson for our algae problem?
Senator Bill Nelson has to face a Republican controlled Florida Congress and a Federal Republican controlled congress just to try to get a bill to the floor let alone passed in congress.
Rick Scott has to get out of his own way to pass bills and does not need his republican controlled congress however, even he cannot because he has cut anything dealing with our climate!
Now ‘Governor Pass the buck Rick’ wants to replace the only senator in Florida working for the Floridians?
Republicans point their finger at their opponents and do nothing year after year after year!
DeSantis is blasting his GOP opponent — Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam — for his ties to the sugar industry, which often is blamed for contributing to excessive nutrient loads that feed algae blooms in Lake Okeechobee, water that is then discharged into the Caloosahatchee and St. Lucie rivers during heavy rain events, fouling those waterways.
The governor is coming under fire for his failure to curb the algae blooms and their environmental impacts since taking office in 2011.
There was a devastating bloom in 2011 that blanketed the Indian River Lagoon, killing 73 square miles of seagrass beds and coinciding with the death of more than 500 manatees, dolphins and pelicans.
That same year Scott pushed through a big rollback of state growth management laws, regulations that had helped control development and its impacts, such as fertilizer runoff and human waste that leaks from septic systems.
Scott also slashed funding for the state’s water management districts, which play a big role in protecting waterways, and appointed board members that critics called too deferential to polluters. And he signed legislation in 2012 that repealed a state law mandating that septic tanks receive regular inspections to ensure they’re not allowing untreated waste to seep into water systems.

The governor of Florida is taking advantage of you!

The governor of Florida is taking advantage of you!
This is not me being political, this is a fact!

Was the governor of Florida (as governor), handing your tax money out to companies to receive their money into his personal Super PAC?
Just Asking?
Do you have the time to work and keep up with every political ad that he is pumping out?
I cannot and I’m retired and trying to keep up.
Only to help keep my neighbors, friends and family advised to what you should know to better your life.
That’s his plan; after all it got him into office that last time so why not spoof you again?
Your governor in Florida is taking advantage of the working Floridians with faults, fake and some ‘half-truths.’
Never the truth, because he knows that you are working, sometimes two or more jobs, just to keep your head above water!
Who is at fault making you work so hard, so often and hoping you can keep up?
Well which political party has been in the governor’s seat for the past 20 years?
Jeb Bush, Charlie Crist, Rick Scott!
Watch this, when the governor is not fooling you, his service –packs and/or the Republican Party are stepping in to keep you dizzy with their faults, fake and some ‘half-truth’ ads!
Even your media, while trying not to lose all of that free political money, are pointing out his faults, fake and some ‘half-truth’ ads!
Surprise this to a certain extent, even includes Fox News!

Was the governor of Florida handing your tax money out to receive their money into his personal Super PAC?
A super PAC led by Florida Gov. Rick Scott raked in donations from two private equity executives after Scott’s administration directed lucrative state pension investments to their firms, according to government records reviewed by MapLight and Capital & Main.
The donations were made to a committee that’s now supporting Scott’s U.S. Senate bid, despite a federal rule designed to prevent financial firms from bankrolling the election campaigns of public officials who oversee state pension investments.
Scott, a Republican, began chairing the New Republican PAC in May 2017 and announced his former campaign manager would serve as its executive director. Soon after, the group received $5,000 from New Mountain Capital Chief Executive Officer Steve Klinsky and $50,000 from Energy Capital Partners founder Douglas Kimmelman.
The contributions flowed to the super PAC after New Mountain Capital and Energy Capital Partners received a combined $250 million worth of new investment commitments from Florida’s state pension system in 2014 and 2015. Scott is one of three state officials who oversee the $160 billion pension system. During the most recent fiscal year, the Florida investments generated more than $3 million in fees for the firms.
Ahead of a likely 2018 run for U.S. Senate, Gov. Rick Scott has set up a political action committee designed to appeal to younger and Hispanic voters.
The super PAC, called New Republican and announced last week, is meant to sell the GOP’s philosophy to young voters who want less government in their lives, Scott said.
Less than 24 hours after Rick Scott announced his candidacy for U.S. Senate, he faces a Federal Election Commission complaint accusing him of breaking election laws by raising and spending unlimited campaign donations to prepare for his senate campaign.
Gov. Scott a year ago launched his New Republican PAC, which described its mission as re-branding and re-inventing the Republican Party to help Donald Trump’s agenda, as well as appealing to young and Hispanic voters.

List of Speakers of the Florida House of Representatives 1999 to 2018 all Republican party!

Historical party control
Florida Party Control: 1992-2017
One year of a Democratic trifecta  •  18 years of Republican trifectas 2011-2016: Republican trifecta
Republicans regained their trifecta when Rick Scott (R) became governor in 2011.

All ‘Public Schools’ in Florida

Coming to you soon from your own personal
More ‘Bad Guys with guns’!
Well yes thanks to the NRA!
However, I was thinking?

‘Republican Governors
and his personal
‘Education Secretary’?
All ‘Public Schools’ in Florida, for so-called immigrants and so-called non-immigrants,

(Detention Center Public Schools)!
Read his new laws geared at schools that are not filling his pockets.
Any Public School that survives your governors new laws will have Security Guards, electric fencing with chain lochs, computer locked doors front, back and each room.

All teachers will be packing, plus have AR 15’s in the deck and in their closets!
You think that this is funny?
You think that I am lying?
You have not been paying attention to our government state and federal and their rules for Florida Public Schools have you?
Number 22 so far this year! Just add more people with guns in schools! Oh Wait, he got shot also!
Santa Fe ISD police officer has been injured.
Federal and state senators and house members banded from checking schools in their own state!
The NRA grip is so tight GOP lawmakers that Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, announced that her
“School Safety Commission” won’t consider the impact of guns.
Rick Scott’s faults (Fake), news!

Who will be Florida’s next governor?

Well let’s check and see if we can get an idea?
Remember only Floridian Voters for Florida’s Governor of now.
I have two in my (Bucket List)!

We have two front-runners in the Republican Party both with questionable records.
One pushed on you by your president.
Guess what that means?
One pushed on you by a very pushy Cop in uniform always a question for me, how about you?
Same reason.
If you have been following them you will understand.
On the Democratic Party side we have the two billionaire front-runners.
One a republican reject that once ran as a republican and lost ‘Big Time.’
Is now running as a democrat, as are a few others!
And the other with the same old ads as to what is wrong with the state without a way to truly pay for a permanent fix
(Same old political tricks)?
A third is running on daddy’s reputation because she has none of her own as yet, give her some more time.
One an African-American, got my vote just for running in Florida!
And last but by far, not the least, someone telling Floridians what is wrong with the state and showing how to fix it.
With about 40 years of doing just that, fixing problems along side of his mother and father, doing it right for the past 40 years!
Plus while helping the helpless Floridians.
However, not enough money to stay in the hunt!
How Sad!
This is also the same old story; the best candidates cannot keep up the spending because of the front-runners with their backers.
Backers that have their own interests in helping the front-runners?
You can bet that it is not to help Floridians or anyone else!
My (Bucket List)
Mayor Philip Levine (the billionaire) and Chris King with the family that has already been working for Florida.
Media never writes this into their equation while pushing that ‘Truth Meter’

Is Adam Putnam’s office under review?

If not, why not?

If any sports team does not produce, the owners fire manages and the coach!
Is NRA Lobbyist Adam Putnam’s office under review?
Does Florida really want an incompetent person as governor?
Adam Putnam’s office stopped reviewing concealed weapons background checks for a year because it couldn’t log in
A state investigation found that the lapse covered a period that included the biggest spike in permit applications in Florida history.
For more than a year, the state of Florida failed to review national background checks on tens of thousands of applications for concealed weapons permits, potentially allowing drug addicts or people with a mental illness to carry firearms in public.
A previously unreported Office of Inspector General investigation found that in February 2016 the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services stopped using the results from an FBI crime database called the National Instant Criminal Background Check System that ensures applicants who want to carry a gun do not have a disqualifying history in other states.

During that time, which coincided with the June 12, 2016 shooting at Pulse nightclub that left 50 dead, the state saw an unprecedented spike in applications for concealed weapons permits. There were 134,000 requests for permits in the fiscal year ending in June 2015. The next 12 months broke a record, 245,000 applications, which were topped again in 2017 when the department received 275,000 applications.
Adam Putnam’s office inspected that Roller coaster several times since its opening in 2013.
Daytona Beach roller coaster was inspected hours before derailment, state official says
Central Florida News