A real Christian is always a real Christian.


my friends


all of our elected officials,

along with many, many,

(Christian preachers on radio and television),

is a true follower of Jesus Christ!
Notice I did not say


Tim Tebow’s game-winning homer Thursday

against the Daytona Tortugas

was his third since getting called up to the advanced Single-A St. Lucie Mets

at the beginning of the month.
[Zach Dean / Gatehouse Media]
By Zach Dean
Posted Jul 17, 2017 at 4:15 PM

‘TebowMania’ stronger than ever as baseball journey continues
Tim Tebow’s game-winning homer Thursday against the Daytona Tortugas was his third since getting called up to the advanced Single-A St. Lucie Mets at the beginning of the month.
As the rain splashed on the tarp at First Data Field, the home of the Advanced Single-A St. Lucie Mets, it was clear that Wednesday evening’s game vs. the Daytona Tortugas would be postponed.
Not a single player from either team was in sight.
But that didn’t matter to the nearly 600 fans who crowded around the home dugout. When it comes to “TebowMania,” waiting out a thunderstorm just to get a glimpse of, and maybe an autograph from, the former Heisman winner/NFL quarterback/ESPN broadcaster/baseball player, is worth the risk.
“Ask him, he’s the (Tim) Tebow fan,” laughs Matt Courts, pointing at his friend as they both stand in the pouring rain. “I told him, (Tebow) was gone hours ago. He’s already home. I’m ready to roll, but he wants to wait it out.”
Like so many of the fans nowadays at First Data Field, Courts and co-worker Drew White are not locals. They came from Memphis, Tennessee, and were in the state for business, working about 90 minutes south of Port St. Lucie.
When they heard Tebow would be in town they decided to make the drive, even with a 5 a.m. flight awaiting them in the morning.
“Would we do it if he wasn’t here? Zero percent chance,” Courts said.
The Tebow effect
Courts and White are just a small sampling of the chaotic nightly scene in Port St. Lucie ever since Tebow, 29, was called up on June 26. In fact, ever since the Mets signed Tebow to a minor league contract last September after the long-time quarterback announced his desire to return to baseball, it’s been Tebow-time, all the time.
A family of four from Virginia walks around all dressed in St. Lucie Mets No. 15 “Tebow” shirts. A couple all the way from Ormond Beach are decked out in Florida Gators gear from head to toe, all the way down to the socks.
A father-son duo from Palm Bay, both sporting Gators hats, are in town for their second game in as many weeks.
“We bought tickets that night,” son Art Dwyer said of Tebow’s June call-up. “It’s not too bad of a drive, and we wanted to see Tebow!”
So do a lot of people.
On July 4, only Tebow’s fourth home game, the Mets drew a crowd of 6,974 — the second largest in St. Lucie history. In 11 home games since his arrival, the Mets have drawn over 36,000 fans to the stadium, good for an average of nearly 3,300 per night. That’s more than twice the average attendance of 1,501 for the 12 Florida State League teams.
“A perfect example is Wednesday night,” said assistant general manager Traer Van Allen. “We had 600 fans at a game where it rained pretty much all over the city that day. Just the fact that we had that many was a true testament to his appeal and drawing-power. Fourth of July was like a Mets-Red Sox, Mets-Yankees spring training game. It was unbelievable.”
“TebowMania” hasn’t just had an impact in Port St. Lucie, the spring training home of the New York Mets, either.
During the weekend series against the Fort Myers Miracle July 1-3, 19,808 fans came out to the park, including 9,478 in Monday’s series finale — a Fort Myers record. During a weekend series at Jupiter, nearly 6,500 people attended the Friday and Saturday games. The last time the Mets visited Jupiter for a weekend series, in early May, the two-day attendance total was less than 2,000.
Still, the hype on the road — the Florida Firefrogs, who play in Kissimmee, have created special ticket packages and extended box office hours ahead of this weekend’s series — doesn’t compare to the frenzy in Port St. Lucie.
Because of the increased exposure, credential requests and security efforts have been stepped up as well. When news of Tebow’s promotion first hit, Mets media relations director Adam MacDonald said he fielded close to 50 credential requests for the introductory press conference and opening game.
“I’ve been with the Mets a long time now, and we’ve had a number of major league players come here,” Van Allen said. “What Tim and his fans and the people that want to see him are doing is unlike anything I’ve ever seen here before.”
As a result, the team has increased security around the stadium, Van Allen said. How tight are things right now? Any Tebow-related questions must be run through the St. Lucie Mets’ front office. Stadium employees, including ushers, security guards, and those who work in the pro shop, are not permitted to speak with the media.
“We’ve definitely seen an increase in our souvenir sales numbers,” said General Manager Paul Taglieri, who refused to provide any specific numbers. “We’ve put a couple of (additional) orders in already. I think our initial order was extremely conservative. Stuff flew off the shelves pretty quick so we’ve put in one, possibly two reorders on the shirts and novelty items.”
Taglieri, with the Mets since 1999, added that, even though the team has seen guys like Hall of Fame pitcher Pedro Martinez, superstar catcher Mike Piazza, and current star outfielder Yoenis Cespedes come through on rehab assignments, this situation is on a different level.
“When those guys were here, they were here for a day or two,” Taglieri said. “This is obviously a little different. This has definitely had a significant impact on our attendance. You can recognize that. The energy has been a little different because he’s here.”
Tebow Magic
That energy was on full display during Thursday’s doubleheader.
After Wednesday’s washout, fans lined up in a sea of orange and blue outside the First Data Field gate well before the 4 p.m. first pitch. When gates finally opened it was a race to the corner of the Mets’ first base dugout. That’s where the Tebow autograph line starts to form, and, before long, it ran all the way up the stairs.
Unfortunately, on this day, the former Florida Gator quarterback isn’t playing the field. Tebow is slated to hit sixth and serve as the team’s designated hitter in both games. Still, the section erupts in a Tebow chant shortly before players take the field, holding out hope for at least a glimpse of the man.
“I’ve always been a fan,” said Glenn Morin, who graduated from the University of Florida in 1963 and made the trip with his wife from Ormond Beach. “I think because he’s a strong Christian, he’s got a lot of following he wouldn’t have normally. We were following him when he was in South Carolina (with the Columbia Fireflies to start the season), but when we saw he was coming here we had to come to a game.”
The couple picked a good day to come watch. Later that night, with the Mets and Tortugas tied at 4 in the bottom of the seventh, Tebow crushed a walk-off home run (minor league doubleheaders are seven innings each) on the very first pitch he saw, just clearing the left field wall.
The blast was Tebow’s third since getting called up last month, and extended his hitting streak to 11 games. The game-winner sent First Data Field and its nearly 2,700 fans into a frenzy, with chants of “Tebow” ringing throughout the stadium as he circled the bases. When Tebow touched home, he was greeted with a Gatorade shower.
“From the first time I saw him take swings at spring training all the way to now, he is light-years ahead,” Mets manager Chad Kreuter, a former major league catcher, said after the game. “He’s catapulted himself ahead a couple seasons almost. He was a newbie, and you look at where he was when he showed up to instructional league, and the numbers weren’t very good at all. Now, he’s battling during at-bats, not striking out a whole lot, and his swing path is phenomenal.”
Tebow admitted after the game it was the first time he’d belted a walk-off shot since high school.
“Junior year,” laughed Tebow, who attended Nease High School in Ponte Vedra. “That was the district championship, so that felt pretty good, but this one was special.”
While he struggled earlier this season with Columbia, the former quarterback has seemingly found his groove since joining St. Lucie. Tebow is hitting .327 and has 11 RBIs to go along with his three home runs in 16 games. He insists there’s no secret to his newfound success at the plate.
“Just working with the coaches and more time playing baseball,” Tebow said. “A lot of great teammates talking to me about pitches, you know, ‘This is what I just saw, this is what’s coming.’ Just seeing more pitches, have better timing, be through the zone longer. I’m just trying to work at the game.”
One of the guys Tebow pointed out was former Stetson catcher Patrick Mazeika. Tebow acknowledged that Mazeika, as a catcher, has played a role in his improvement at the plate. The former Hatter says his new teammate brings something completely different to the table.
“He has so many good experiences that he can share with us,” Mazeika said. “He takes so much time just to help others, and he just makes you want to be a better guy, better teammate, better friend, better son. It’s helped spark our energy a little bit with the fans, because they help get your adrenaline going a little bit. That walk-off home run was electric.”
Still, in typical Tebow fashion, he was quick to put the night in perspective after the game.
“It felt good, but so many of the guys on the team played so well in both games,” he said. “I just wanted to try and come through in the end and help win it for our team. I’m just thankful to get that opportunity. It was a lot of fun to celebrate with all the guys. Over the last couple of weeks we’ve really been improving as a team and coming together, so it feels good.”


Should governor’s be allowed to holder ‘Stock’ in Charter Schools??

Should any governor

be allowed

to holder



Charter Schools?

Florida school board will challenge new charter school law
Posted July 5, 2017 04:40 pm
Associated Press
Why Democrats Should Follow the NEA, NAACP and Black Lives Matter and Unite On A Charter School Moratorium
Another rallying point labor and civil rights agree on.
By Jeff Bryant / Education Opportunity Network
July 7, 2017, 2:32 PM GMT
‘Failing’ schools? Charter schools get F’s three times as often in Florida
Orlando Sentinel 6 days ago
For years,

Florida politicians have trashed public schools,

describing them as


Traditional public schools get it wrong,

they say.

Charter schools get it right,

they say.
Should our or any governor

of any state

be allowed to

be a stock holder


Charter Schools?

Just Asking

(once again)!

Gov. Rick Scott signs


education bill

Public school leaders see big losses;

charter owners to see gains
Florida school board will challenge new charter school law
Posted July 5, 2017 04:40 pm
Associated Press

Florida’s newest trick on Floridians

Florida is now installing a vast number of

’round a bout’s’

through-out the state.

I know that many,

if not most of my followers

are laughing about this.

I remember round a bout’s

back in the early 60s

(that’s the 1960’s for my funny friends).


I have been warning you for over twenty years now that, For the most part my friends

“This Is Florida don’t ya know!”


For those of us that are able to read

and/or see,

here goes a little help from a new Floridian.

Florida drivers

cannot seem to be able to drive on anything,

let alone a ‘Round A-Bout’!

Rules and regulations about Florida’s round about?

Watch A Video Of Single-lane Roundabouts. – Video Results


Roswell Single Lane Roundabout


How to drive a one lane simple roundabout


Two Lanes Entering a One Lane Roundabout


Antilock School of Motoring – How to Master…Single Lane 4 Exit Roundabouts


How to use a roundabout | video


Traffic in Single Lane Roundabout, Southlake, Texas



Welcome to the Florida Legislature

In this free country, when a citizen of this country sees something or someone doing wrong to this free country, it is not only right to speak up in defense of this free country, it is the duty of her citizens to speak up to the wrong in this free country.

Welcome to our visitor from the Florida Legislature in

Tallahassee, Florida, United States.


To a few of our posting about you

SB 1304: Florida Black Bears?

Wednesday, March 1, 2017


SB 1304: Florida Black Bears

March 1, 2017

A simple bill for protecting our Black Bears


You are darn right, I along with thousands of my neighbors are extremely upset with your handling of our beloved neighbor (The Florida Animals) in this state of confusion, which you have built.

How would you like it if invaders came to your land and systematically took your land for theirs and sold all of your food for profit?

This is just what you in the government of Florida have been doing for years (For Profit).

The Black Bear along with the rest of our natives just want to live in peace without your interference.

How do you respond?


You sell vast numbers of license and registrations to kill (For Profit)!



Since 2010 Florida has lost 993 Highway troopers

Since 2010 Florida has lost 993 Highway troopers

I know that you

all are tired


my picking on our

Florida Government.


if it





like a duck!


here goes

another one.

Florida has shown the world

that its government

does not

‘Respect Our First Responders’!


It least since 2010

when it elected

Republican Rick Scott as Governor of Florida.

Number of Florida Troopers

(Highway Patrol Troopers),

decline since 2010.


Florida lost 1/2 of its workforce Miami Herald Reported

Starting salary since 2006 is $34,000 a year.

The Associated Press

The number of speeding tickets issued by the Florida Highway Patrol has dropped for three straight years as the agency deals with a shortage of troopers.

Col. Gene Spaulding tells the Miami Herald the agency has lost 993 troopers — or about half of its workforce — to retirement or resignation since 2010.

Spaulding says the agency does what it can to provide public safety, patrolling areas that include Interstates 4, 75 and 95 in the nation’s third most populated state that also doubles as a tourist destination.

The Herald cites low pay as a possible reason for high turnover.

A starting trooper in Florida makes about $34,000, the same wage that’s been in effect since 2005. In Mississippi, starting pay for a trooper is $38,000 and $47,000 in Louisiana.

Meantime, Spaulding said the agency does what it can to provide public safety, patrolling areas that include Interstates 4, 75 and 95 and Florida’s Turnpike in the nation’s third most populated state that also doubles as a tourist destination.

The Herald cited low pay as a possible reason for high turnover. A starting trooper in Florida makes about $34,000, the same wage that’s been in effect since 2005. In Mississippi, starting pay for a trooper is $38,000 and $47,000 in Louisiana.

It’s been three years since the last pay raise for most of state law enforcement. The $82.4 billion budget passed this year by the Florida Legislature includes a 5 percent raise. Even so, the salaries will remain behind troopers in surrounding states. And, the Herald noted, local police and sheriff agencies are luring troopers with pay increases. In Miami-Dade County, for example, the starting salary is over $50,000.


Child Falls From 2nd Story Window in Opa-Locka

It’s not my fault, I am not a stupid freeloader!


I just want to sue the owner of the building.

Mother placed her child next to an open window with only a removable screen between him and the ground.


It was the fault of the Manager of the Building.


Two year old fell from a 2nd floor window in OpaLocka Florida


A family friend told NBC 6 that the reason why the baby fell through the window was because she has a broken air conditioning unit.

“No AC! It’s uninhabitable. You come here and you don’t want to stay here. Trust me, it’s hell. I ain’t do nothing to my baby.”

Siesta Beach Named Best in US by Renowned FIU Professor

However, the landlord at the building says that’s not true, painting a very different picture.

“I feel that this is highly suspect,” said George Howard, the landlord. “If anyone has an AC problem,  all they have to do is come down to our management and get forms to sign up and management will attend to it immediately.”

Fla. Deputy Seen Asking Crash Victim Immigration Status

The manager also claims they haven’t paid rent for a year.

“That’s not true,” said Paul Embury, the building manager, “We have a lot of complaints in this building because we are evicting 22 of the 48 residents who many have not paid rent for a year.”


Child Falls From 2nd Story Window in Opa-Locka | NBC 6 South Florida http://www.nbcmiami.com/news/local/Child-Falls-From-2nd-Story-Window-in-Opa-Locka-424671644.html#ixzz4iNCpPYjo

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This will be a first for Florida!

State Democratic Chair urges club members to unite

This will be a first for Florida!

Democrat’s Uniting!

Florida Democratic Party Chair Stephen Bittel


Chats with audience members after a speech in Sumter County on Saturday that was co-hosted by The Villages Democratic Club.



May 13, 2017


Wanting help in turning the Sunshine State back blue, the recently elected state Democratic Party Chair spoke to Florida’s largest Democratic club in Florida on Saturday.

The event was held at the Colony Cottage in Sumter County,

where Stephen Bittel urged the 2,000 members of The Villages Democratic Club to knock on doors


get people registered as well as unite behind the Democrat selected to run against Gov. Rick Scott next year

as well as the Democrat running in the 2020 presidential race.

Bittel added that President Donald Trump is pushing an agenda

that will leave 24 million people without health insurance


acknowledged Trump’s recent and controversial firing of FBI director James Comey.

“This is not the America that I dream of, that I grew up in, this it is not the America that you want to leave your kids and grandchildren,”

said Bittel,

standing at the podium in a packed meeting room.

“So we have work to do, together.”

CEO of Terranova Corporation and a major Democratic fundraiser,

Bittel was elected in January to lead the Florida party

after its humiliating presidential defeat by about 113,000 votes.


Happy Mother’s Day Girls

from me

to all of my lovely

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