How many people in Florida still believe in

How many déja-vu people live in Florida?
You don’t know?
Well how many people in Florida still believe in Political Ads?
You don’t know?
How many people in Florida still believe in
their person to be our next Senator?
How many people in Florida still believe in
their person for our next governor?
Well reporters are starting to ask these very same questions with alarming answers!
Christopher Heath Reporter
Reported the fact about Chris Kings

Mostly True???????? 
He took some money from the Democratic Party to get his start run for Governor?
Christopher Heath Reporter
Reported the fact about Adam Putman

Mostly True??????
Truth is sprinkled in-between so many half-truths!
Christopher Heath Reporter
Reported the fact about Rick Scott

Mostly Faults!!!!!!!!!!
A merry-go-round of lies, innuendo – and- dishonest statements from actors being paid by the Republican Party!
If you still do not believe me re-read
Another Media person with true Grit, print the truth!

Joe Henderson
Central Florida News
I write, without an apology; Because of the end time Evil in our land lately!


N.J. cop delivers baby deer

N.J. cop delivers baby deer in emergency roadside C-section
May 21, 8:27 AM
WESH 2 News Sunrise
This morning May 22 2018
Adrian Whitsett and Michelle Imperato

Officer Jim Vernon delivered a fawn after performing an emergency c-section on a doe struck and killed by a car on Sunday.

(Washington Township, Warren County police)
Deer hit by a car in Warren County calls police,
Officer Jimmy Vernon performed the C-section on a Doe (Deer), to save baby (fawn).
Hands the fawn (Baby Deer), over to

Robert Lagonera, a Washington Township animal control officer that cleans and cares for fawn.

Hands Fawn over to Dr. Paul Sedlacek at the Natural Wildlife Preserve free clinic in Morris Plains.
Where the fawn is now being cared for.

Why would this be so newsworthy to me?
I live in Florida!
Not enough in-put you say?

Every day that we go out shopping or whatever, the roads are loaded with trash, car parts and wildlife, just cast aside as if no one cares, because few Floridians do care!

This story is so refreshing and good to this old heart.

We need ‘New Blood’ in Florida politics!

We need ‘New Blood’ in Florida politics!
Because the ‘Old Blood in Florida politics’ is getting polluted!
Have you checked your TV lately?
Fake, Faults, half-Truths and Lies!
We need people who have all of the money that they need, they do not need or want
(Super Pac’s Money and Lobbyists pestering them)!
Let’s take a look-see at

‘Candidate Chris King’?
His ‘leadership committee’

Chris Kings father was a lawyer for the Fair Districts movement, which worked to combat partisan gerrymandering in Florida by proving that the Florida Constitution was violated by the Florida state legislature when it redrew congressional and Florida State Senate district lines.
Chris’ mother served 27 years as a board member, including two terms as chair, of Orlando’s premier health organization, Orlando Health.
Marilyn was also the founding Chair of Grace Medical Home, a not-for-profit medical facility that serves those without affordable health care.
Chris served on both the Board of Grace Medical Home and on the Foundation Board of Orlando Health.
King graduated from Harvard College with a degree in Religion, Politics and American Public Policy.
He then received his Juris Doctor from the University of Florida.
He is currently a board member of the non-profit Grace Medical Home which provides medical care to uninsured Floridians.
He is also the chairman of The Elevation Foundation.
King founded the Elevation Scholars Program which works with the University of Central Florida and Orange County Public Schools to provide merit scholarships to students from Title I schools.
King also developed the Elevation Global Initiative, which works on tree reforestation, fish farming and entrepreneurship training in Haiti and areas of Africa.

Chris King, a 38-year-old lawyer, bleeding-heart businessman, Harvard graduate and Jesus-loving philanthropist, by all accounts is gifted and creative.
But it’s not clear he fully grasps how nuts it is to throw much of his family’s nest egg into a campaign for Florida governor when nobody knows who he is and he has virtually no experience in government or campaigns.
I say, ‘Time will tell’!
Businessman and gubernatorial candidate Chris King talks to a group of gay and lesbian Democrats in Tallahassee, Fla., on Saturday, Aug. 19, 2017. (AP Photo/Brendan Farrington) FLBF103
By Adam Smith
Published: May 8, 2018
Updated: May 8, 2018 at 01:34 PM
That just-another-politician assessment, however, is deeply flawed.
Almost no one is noticing so far — he is polling in the low single digits among Democrats — but King in key respects is the standout and most unconventional candidate in a wide-open field that includes a charismatic African-American mayor, Andrew Gillum; a woman, former U.S. Rep. Gwen Graham of Tallahassee; and a brash, multimillionaire Miami Beach entrepreneur, Philip Levine.
He consistently comes off as the best informed and most substantive candidate of the bunch, even though he is the only candidate with zero governing and political experience.
He is setting the agenda for other Democrats, including forcing discussion about Florida’s growing affordable housing shortage.

When King linked the health of the Everglades to special interest influence, his rivals gradually followed his lead in refusing to accept campaign money from the sugar industry.
King’s state leadership committee, as described by the campaigns

Can a citizen of Florida do the same thing?

Fact – Check “Let’s Get to Work”
I know that a fact is “If I cover all of the (False Claims),

I will lose my readers so at least read a few?
Florida’s Governor has Fact-Checked (Poured money against), everyone that had the nerve to get in his way to the top ever since leaving the navy, and maybe even longer.
Can a citizen of Florida do the same thing to him?
Let’s Get to Work – On the Facts
Posted on July 22, 2010

Let’s Get to Work, a political committee largely financed by Florida gubernatorial candidate Rick Scott’s wife, is at it again — falsely claiming that Attorney General Bill McCollum used a “chartered airplane” to commute to work and charged taxpayers $280,000. McCollum has access to a state plane, but it’s not true that he uses it to commute. And the amount of money he spent on air travel — all of it involving state business — is exaggerated.

Where does Florida Lottery money go?

Florida ‘($3.9,000,000,000), ‘Teachers'($0),!

Florida ‘($100,000,000), ‘Teachers'($0),!
How much money does Florida make with the Lotteries?
Tuesday May 5th 2018
Where does Florida Lottery money go?
A breakdown
Michael Mayo
Last fiscal year, the Florida Lottery rung up $3.9 billion in sales.
Florida drivers who were caught by red-light cameras paid more than $100 million in traffic fines in 2013.
Florida Is Cashing in on Red-Light Cameras
How much goes to teachers pocket (0)!
How much goes into our politicians pockets?
Great question!
how did the combined $1.41 billion from the lottery and slots get distributed last year?
The biggest chunk, $426 million (30 percent), went to Bright Futures Scholarships, a merit-based program that benefits college students who stay in Florida.
Just over $316 million (22.4 percent) went to state universities and community colleges.
Just over $311 million (21.9 percent) went to school construction bonds.
Just over $35 million (2.5 percent) went to other college financial aid programs.
The amount of gambling money that went to K-12 classrooms? Around $325 million, or only 23 percent.
And the Legislature keeps putting more restrictions on the money, and cutting the share that goes to schools in Broward and Palm Beach counties.

Senator Bill Nelson 45 year term-limits Ghostly?

Senator Bill Nelson 45 year term-limits Ghostly?
Tampa Bay Time Newspaper in the land of Rick Scott!
New ad by Rick Scott and the Republican Pac.
(Fake News)!
Clarence William Nelson (Bill Nelson), was elected to the U.S. Senate in 2000 and began representing Florida in that body the following year (2001).
The ad

From the New Republican committee criticizes Nelson for his 45 years in elected office
Nelson’s public service career began in 1972, with his election to the Florida Legislature.
Bill Nelson started in the Term Limit U.S. Federal Senate in 2000.
My count in Term Limits is 18 years not 46 years
What about Senator Robert Carlyle Byrd, Frank Raleigh Lautenberg, Daniel Ken, Daniel Kahikina Akaka and more are older in service.
Nelson was elected to the Florida Cabinet as state Treasurer, Insurance Commissioner and Fire Marshal. During his six years in the post, he showed he was a common-sense problem solver and strong consumer advocate.
Nelson was first elected to the U.S. Senate in November 2000. Since then, he’s stood up to the insurance companies, Wall Street banks and Big Oil. He’s exposed the lies of BP about the Gulf spill. And he’s created a blueprint forward for our nation’s space agency. Now in his third term, he’s continuing to fight for lower taxes, better education, Medicare and Social Security.
He’s someone who thinks public service is a noble calling – which is why he has devoted his life to serving his community, his state and his country.

Where is Senator Bill Nelson?

Where is our Senator, Bill Nelson?
Mr. Scott is in the media 5, 6, 7 and more times a day 24/7 spending millions of dollars.
His beef nowadays is of all things (Term Limits)!
Term limits is something that his ‘Republican Controlled Congress’ does not want and will never change.
If a newbie to congress wants change he/she must remove the Republicans now controlling congress!
However, where are Senator Bill Nelson and Senator Marco Rubio?
No one knows what Marco Rubio is doing, however Senator Bill Nelson is doing the jobs that the taxpaying public want him to do!

Senator Bill Nelson (left) listens to members of five Puerto Rican families displaced from the island by Hurricane Maria and still living in the Tampa Bay area during a meeting at Tampa Underground, Thursday, May 3, 2018. (Adria Iraheta, staff)
Sen. Bill Nelson in Tampa meets with families displaced by Hurricane Maria
By Adria Iraheta  |  May 3, 2018 @5:10 PM
Wait, Marco Rubio is busy also?
Mr. Scott, maybe you should spend a little more time doing your job and then run against the other senator from Florida?
Why Marco Rubio keeps attacking the tax bill he voted into law
The full transcript of Rubio’s tax policy remarks in an interview with the Economist are telling.
By Tara Golshan May 3, 2018, 1:40pm EDT
Pay attention Mr. Scott, this is how you get elected in Florida.
Tell a ‘Good Story’
Slanted truths, Half Truths and Just Plain Lies!
Marco Rubio’s compelling family story embellishes facts, documents show