Tractor – Trailer versus Tree

How many time have I been reporting (un-necessary 6, 10 ad/or 18 wheeler accidents)?
Well, this time I was a first hand witness and first to help the driver.
When is it past time for control of our truck traffic in this country?
Tractor – Trailer versus Tree in Lake County Florida on 44 just before the St Johns River Bridge.
Florida 44 Eastbound

Leaving Lake County 42, Florida 44 draws to within five miles of DeLand. Photo taken 05/12/08.
No one died, no injuries, so no media reporting!
If this driver, for whatever reasons, did not pull off the road.
Because if he did not this family and about a dozen other vehicles would not be with you today!
We were all stopped at the bridge and we were car number 6 of about 12, when this truck hit that big Oak Tree feet from my passenger side window, doing in access of 60 miles per, without hitting his air brake or any other brake!
To top this off, we were forced to leave the scene by a big black pickup truck on our P.T Cruiser bumper, revving his engine and blasting his horn!
Did this pickup cause the accident?
No one will ever know!
Tractor – Trailer versus Tree, who loses?
Actually both!
The tractor is a total loss, but the tree was moved a few feet, so it will also die sooner or later.
We are alive!
Union Drivers cannot be pressured into driving reckless or be fired to meet a companies quoter or timeline!


Filling propane tanks requires a license

Filling propane tanks requires a license
In a real state, only a licensed person can fill LPG (Liquefies petroleum Gas), Tanks!
Florida Laws and Incentives for Propane
Filling propane tanks requires a license
Or does it?
Apparently not in Florida?

Orlando paramedic offers a home for Christmas after family’s RV destroyed in fire
By: Mike Manzoni
Dec 22, 2017 – 11:19 PM
An Orlando paramedic who responded to an RV fire at a U-Haul store on South Orange Blossom Trail has opened up his home to the family of eight who were left homeless for Christmas when the vehicle was destroyed.
Orlando Fire Department paramedic Scott Butschek said
there was a large plume of smoke pouring out of the RV when he responded Friday afternoon.
new video of fire that engulfed an RV with a family of eight inside.

Gov Rick Scott

on yet another trip that will waste more taxpayer money

and as usual, not only accomplish nothing

he will bring back with him companies

that will pork the state as did so many others that he bragged about in his past!

The Florida Supreme Court rejected an attempt by Gov. Rick Scott to remove Justice Barbara Pariente from a case that could determine the shape of the state’s highest court for decades.
The issue is particularly inflaming to Palestinians, who would see a move of the embassy as a provocation and a signal that the United States would then no longer be pursuing a two-state solution.
The issue in the case is whether Scott or his successor will have the power to make the appointments — an issue that could shape the balance of the court for years.

Phillips of Ocala did a butcher job on our baby!


Phillips of Ocala did a butcher job on our baby!

Our 2006 P. T. Cruiser has been cared for and cared for very well at Advantage Chrysler Dodge Mount-Dora Florida. We lost the ‘Timing Belt’ Monday on the way to Zieks doctor visit and was towed to a dealer in Ocala Florida.
The car was purring like a kitten until this visit!
$1,613.85 and two days later the car now sounds like a Firetruck on the way to a fiery crash!
We had to rent from a dealer, that we know from past experience, (Hates Dogs).
At $70.00 a day at (Enterprise car rental) passing our rental place (Budget Rental 1506 S Pine Ave, Ocala, FL 34471),

on the way!

Because Phillips and Enterprise have a deal going!
The assistant service manager told us that we needed to go back to Advantage Chrysler Dodge to replace two motor mounts and adjust a different belt?
As if this was not a major slap in the face, we now are getting calls from Jacksonville (904-274-8586), wanting to know if we want to buy a new car?

“When to hold I’m, when to fold I’m and how fast to run away”.

Whats good for the Goose is good for the Gander!

If you do not
understand this

“Nursery Rhymes Lyrics”
You have not been following

my Florida Postings


Florida News!
What’s good for the goose is good for the gander

What is good for a woman is equally good for a man; or, what a woman can have or do, so can a man have or do. What is good for one type is equally good for another type, despite any irrelevant differences between the types.
The governor is White!
The little old lady is Black!
The Sly, Sneaky Politicians are White!

Sly sneaky politicians are everywhere
We have a politician that has learned in times gone by

“When to hold I’m, when to fold I’m and how fast to run away”.
We also had a little old lady that was pleased with her take in the political arena.
The many Sly Sneaky politicians left her alone in this state as long as it was the melting pot from gerrymandering throughout the state.
gerrymandering (present participle)manipulate the boundaries of (an electoral constituency) so as to favor one party or class. The voters voted twice to end gerrymandering in the state. This state made Mr. Politician the governor. This state is planning on sending the little old lady to 76 years in prison!

The Sly, Sneaky Politicians are White!

If you do not understand this

“nursery rhymes lyrics”

You have not been following my Florida Postings!

Lawmakers introduce bill to ban ‘Bump Stock’


So, the NRA did not disband yet, well keep praying!
Lawmakers introduce bill’s to ban ‘Bump Stock’

Carlos Cubelo a republican from Florida on the ways and means committee
Rep Seth Moulton a democrat from Massachusetts are introducing this bill to the ‘House of Representatives’.

NRA says it supports “additional regulations” on bump stock gun device, giving boost to Feinstein bill.
Senator Dianne Feinstein’s bill is for the Senate.


NRA is telling

(their congress)


“Throw the country a Bone”


Make a law to dump the (Bump Stock) it is just peanuts in our pockets, we do not use it anyway.
Just act while talking to the mania as to what a tremendous sacrifice

These are members of the House and Senate that have taken money from the NRA






Simi Tractor Tailor flipped over in Florida

Simi Tractor Tailor flipped over on I 4 West Bound

Another unstable 18 wheeler driver stops traffic in Florida

which should be giving our unions

tons of free ads to unionize our truck companies


save trucks, products and lives!
Where in gods name are the ‘Union Representatives?
And the words of Forrest Gump are
Stupid is as Stupid Does!
Ted Noah WESH 2 News Breaking news.#BreakingNews update – #I4 w/b is closed in
#DowntownOrlando, just past 408. Jack-knifed semi with possible fuel spill. 3 Mile backup.
Simi Tractor Tailor flipped over on I 4 West Bound in Orlando Florida around exit to the 408